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10 Insane April Fools Pranks

10 Insane April Fools Pranks-iwantthisandthat2

10 Insane April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Pranks From Past To Present

April Fools Day is a much beloved day by both the young and old, where everyone and anyone gets to indulge in their most mischievous personas as they ruthlessly prank and fool their family and friends. Whether it is for some quick laughs or some form of revenge, April Fools is a day notorious for bringing out our naughty side.

Like a lighter and shinier version of Halloween, this mischievous day is as ageless as it is popular with its origin dating way back to as early as the 14th century. Utilizing various means of captivating the attention of the masses from the media, newspapers, public statues and even to the more common means of passing information- The Internet. Year after year, the hoaxes have become more elaborate. A tradition as old as time itself, this day brings out the most creative aspects in us all.

Today we will delve into a couple of great April Fools prank gifts and toys that you can get your friends to make them none the wiser. These gadgets are equipped to provide an ample amount of nuisance for your friends.

Now due to the over popularity of this mischievous day, tons and tons of pranks and tricks have been carried out over the years to the point where it seems no new pranks can be done anymore. However, you would be wrong in assuming such as we will present you with great April Fools items that you can either buy for a friend or craft yourself.

April Fools Prank Ideas For Adults and Kids

From simple toys to complex structures, we will be highlighting several items and their importance about what makes them the perfect candidates as April Fools prank gift to annoy your friends.

Brace yourself as we reveal to you very unique and exquisite manners in which to make your friends love you a little less.

10. Shower Coffee Maker Soap Dispenser  I Want This


Cut your morning routine by as much as 50% with this revolutionary Shower Coffee Maker and Soap Dispenser. Sound too good to be true? Well this sensational looking gift box is an April Fools prank to conceal the actual gift. Its content can only be limited by your imagination. Just take a seat back and watch the expression of the recipient as they unbox their seemingly one of a kink device.

9. Animal Talk Translator  I Want This


All the growls and howls have meaning. Be the first to know if and when your pets decide to execute their plot against mankind. Ridiculous as it may seem, will you be able to eavesdrop on your pets or device a prank that makes this feat achievable? This empty April Fools prank gift box might do the trick. Simply pack the real gift inside, and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends and loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the Pet Talk, Animal Translator Collar.

8. Electric Shock Chewing Gum  I Want This


A battery operated electric shocking chewing gum. Looks identical to any typical packet of chewing gum. Offer some gum to your friends and watch as they receive a harmless shock. A cool and unexpected prank delivered in a simple, mischievous, yet hilarious manner.

7. Remote Control Fart Machine  I Want This


You can now trigger a Fart anywhere and maintain your stealth mode also. This is your chance to impress or gross out your family and friends. The fart machine makes 15 different fart sounds that are so real. Place it under chair while you seat far across the room with your finger on the trigger button. Anyone can be game for this April Fools prank.

6. Ultimate Prank Kit  I Want This


A kit that ensures that you never run out of new pranks. Go ahead and prank people of all ages. The kit includes easy to master pranks like rattlesnake eggs, special gel, a bone-cracker device, a rubber snake, a hand buzzer, a realistic cockroach, and machine that farts.

5. Tear resistant Toilet Roll  I Want This


Okay, please be nice. Ensure you have the real stuff close by. This realistic toilet roll is impossible to tear! Is this the perfect payback for the prankster in your life? The dirty little gag you have been looking forward to. Just imagine the frustration and hopelessness it can create.

4. Good-to-Bad Scented Candle  I Want This


Candles in general make great gifts and they are expected to give off nice aroma until exhausted. This prank candle smells great for the first few hours of burn time, then unexpectedly smells awful with some kind of vengeance.

3. $50,000 Lottery Scratch Off Ticket  I Want This


Amazingly Realistic Joke Scratchers! The good news is that, everybody wins $50,000. Sent in discreet packaging and not using a reference to what is inside. The ultimate April Fools prank to play on friends and family! Include one among other gifts. Ideal for all events. 

2. Positive Pregnancy Test     I Want This


You will always be pregnant according to this Positive Digital Pregnancy Tests Prank kit. It will turn positive and say “Pregnant” within the window after you wet them either with water or urine. The “Pregnant” screen will remain for about 6 months! Hunny, you are going to be a father. Hey honey, you’re going to be a father.

1. Nut Tin Prank With 3 Snakes  I Want This


Nut tin with 3 snakes? This may seem like any typical April Fools prank but wait until you actually get pranked with this. Holy S**! Well, this is not for the faint of hearts because you will definitely get an adrenaline rush. A very funny prank to play within your circle of relatives or friends.

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