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12 Teacher Gifts That Will “Get” You A+

12 Teacher gifts that will get you A plus excellent grade teacher gift ideas iwantthisandthat2

12 Teacher Gifts That Will “Get” You A+

Teacher approved hilarious satire

Underlying principle of teacher gifts

Similar to giving one’s boss or coworkers gifts, teacher gifts are equally appreciated. Gifting is a human act that builds rapport regardless of the giver or recipient. The definite way to get excellent grades in school is to be self-motivated, and willing to put in the sufficient amount of work time needed. That is a foolproof way to get an A+. After all the times spent seating in different classrooms and progressing all the way to college, I know this is easily said than done without a teachers help. In fact, research shows that teachers are the most important factor in how students do in school.

We all owe an immense gratitude to our hardworking teachers who selflessly nurture us throughout our educational journeys. As you make your choice among the top teacher gifts presented below, it is worth reinforcing good learning habits especially among children in order to get (without the sarcastic quotation marks this time) an A+ in any subject. The benefits will be manifested eventually.

Being a teacher is by no means and easy profession. While inside a classroom, the act of teaching is probably half a teacher’s task. The other portion of a teacher’s workday involves juggling various roles; parent, counselor, therapist, comedian and all personalities imaginable in-between. Most of these roles are not listed as part of the job description and a teacher must be prepared to assume any role that presents itself anytime. With that said, it is also important to note that teachers are relatively underpaid professionals, considering the level of education and rigors.

All over the world, it is not uncommon to see teachers going on strike to demand better wages. Teaching is not just a five-day workweek job. There are after-school tutoring sessions, nights and weekends spent grading assignments, preparing lesson plans for the upcoming week, other administrative tasks, conferring with parents and much more. Aside teachers, many schools have a hard time getting adequate funding for vital programs due to low prioritization. Though this scenario may vary by countries or cities, there is still the need for improvement across board.

On the brighter note, nothing is more heartwarming than seeing students progress on to the next phase of their academic pursuit. Batches of student cohorts graduating are certainly the most rewarding teacher gifts of all time.

Unique Teacher gifts

For those with kids in school, studying in college or taking some form of classes, these “Teacher Gifts” list curated below will make it truly unforgettable when presented. They are meant to stand out, poke some humor and build rapport. They will actually “get” your child an A+.

1. Weenie Erasers  I Want This   

Teacher gift ideas sausage erasers school supplies teacher gifts iwantthisandthat2

School districts often have limited funding. Unfortunately, this means that teachers personally fund some basic classroom supplies. An eraser might not make a bold statement unless it is presented in a funny and unique way. This is where a can of Weenie Erasers stand out? Weenie Erasers come in a collective tin that can be re-used as a pen and pencil holder. Great teacher

gifts help erase the past and establish rapport and positivity moving forwardClick To Tweet and so does the Weenie Erasers. Any teacher will get a good laugh from this gift, as well as appreciate you stocking up with classroom supplies. This will surely “get” you an A+. Remember not to tell your teacher that the dog chewed your homework right after it was completed.

2. Slime Reusable Keyboard Cleaner   I Want This 

slim keyboard cleaning gel teacher gifts office cleaning iwantthisandthat2

From dust to pencil shavings to their own tears, a teacher’s keyboard can get dirty rather quickly. Why watch your teacher struggle to clean their keyboard with a tissue when you can hand them a lemon-scented gel that doesn’t stick to their hand? This biodegradable gel can be used not just on keyboards, but calculators as well. Great teacher gifts are ingenious and so is the Slime Keyboard Cleaner. The Slime Reusable Keyboard Cleaner can be used multiple times until it turns dark. It is an excellent way to clean the classroom-loaned calculators that come back with gross stains all over. This is a teacher gift idea that minimizes germ transmission and keeps everyone healthy in the long run.

3. I’m Late Wall Clock   I Want This

Wall clock for teachers office students gifts whatever im late wall clock iwantthisandthat2

A phrase most commonly used by my high school teacher was, “The clock doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you.” One of the more frustrating parts of being a teacher is noticing the students watching the clock instead of what is being written on the board. This unique clock makes a clear statement: “Take it easy and don’t stress out”. For those that come to class late, the reason is obvious. It’s always the clocks fault. Special teacher gifts exhibit some humor and the “I Am Late Anyway” wall clock definitely hits the mark.

4. Dragon Head Stapler   I Want This

Dragon Stapler teacher gift professor office supplies gift school supplies iwantthisandthat2

Dragons are powerful characters on TV and in films. Game of thrones, Dungeons & Dragons and so much more. For teacher gifts, dragons are the last anyone would think of unless they come disguised. Add some interest and mystery to a teacher’s arsenal. Teachers will reminisce the last dragon related movie they watched as they staple or munch your assignment papers away. It is a subtle reminder that there is something exciting yet mysterious to look forward to after a day of putting up with that one student who just wouldn’t stop misbehaving in class.

5. Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game   I Want This

Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game teacher gift office gift iwantthisandthat2

Teachers need to let off steam in healthy ways. Fortunately, there is the Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game for a teacher to relax with. This is a healthy teacher gift idea that would “get” you and A+. Fortunately, it only needs rings and not darts. Guarantee your safety since you never know when you might step on the teacher’s toes.

6. Teacher’s Keep Calm Mug  I Want This

keep calm teacher mug gifts iwantthisandthat2

The best way to keep teachers calm is to give them a mug they can keep on their desk as a reminder to keep calm. Teachers need a daily dose of calm to be able to make it through their day. Even in their most tired state, this mug has a big enough handle that can keep the fluids stable with even the weakest of grips.

7. No.2 Pencil Socks   I Want This

No.2 pencil socks teacher gifts student gift iwantthisandthat2

This is a classic case of leading by example. It is common to hear teachers reminding students to bring No. 2 pencils to class. A better way to reinforce this request is by actually walking to class wearing a No. 2 Pencil Socks or probably just relaxing at home with a pair on. Teacher gifts come in all forms imaginable and this is one that would “get” you an A+. Just remember to study and submit all your assignments by the due dates though. The No.2 Pencil Socks teacher gift is a subtle reminder that teachers are in a profession that they are passionate about.

8. Teacher’s State of Mind Wine Glass   I Want This

State of Mind Wine Glass wine glass relaxation stress free gift iwantthisandthat2

While teachers may be passionate about their work, they do get stressed like others. There is no better way for a teacher to take a load off after work than with wine from this unique Mood Wine Glass. It is sturdy, dishwasher-friendly and can be used five days a week after each school session. Giving these glasses, as teacher gifts will guarantee that you “get” an A+. The illusion that you already earned an A+ will linger over your teacher’s tipsy head for a long time. Remember to seal the deal by putting in tons of schoolwork time.

9. No.2 Pencil Scented Candle   I Want This


Finally, a candle that truly celebrates teachers, architects, artist and designers. It makes you reminisce those times practicing figure drawing and cursive writing or trying to impress your teacher by disproving the Pythagorean theorem. Teacher gifts that are unique in all respects create lasting impressions. The aroma from this candle is one that will elevate anyone’s inner nerd.

10. Burrito Pencil/Pen Holder  I Want This


Profess your love of burritos with this quirky Burrito Pencil case. It is unique and perfect for both teachers and students alike. You may have to constantly remind yourself that it is non-edible because it is so realistic.

11. F in Exams: Complete Failure Edition I Want This

F in Exams Complete Failure Edition paperback teachergifts funny gifts iwantthisandthat2

Have you ever failed an exam you studied so hard for? Well, the answers in this book will make you feel so much better about yourself. F in Exams contains the funniest exam answers you wouldn’t even imagine. Teachers, even students and all others will be in for a hilarious expedition with this book. Though sadly real, these are actual wrong student answers compiled into the Complete Failure Edition.

12. The Worst Alphabet Book Ever  I Want This

the worst alphabet book ever funny teacher gifts idea iwantthisandthat2 school gift

Not only is this book funny and imaginative, it is very educational too. The New York Times statement, “raucous trip through the odd corners of our alphabet”, sums it up nicely. The book highlights some inexplicable and conflicting rules one has to navigate in order to be fully proficient in the English language. Teacher gifts that actually teach are now within your reach. You “get” an A+, the teacher also gets an A+ and everyone lives happily ever after. Go ahead and make teacher appreciation week one to remember. 



Anger Management Mug  I Want This

anger management mug teacher mug gifts ideas boss mug gifts iwantthisandthat2

This is a humorous irony! Teachers are generally well known to show patience and tolerance when dealing with students. Thanks to the rigorous teacher education curriculum that whips our educators into acceptable shape. Remember the phrase – What happens in Vegas (doesn’t) stays in Vegas? This Anger Management Mug is a testament to what goes on behind the scene while all the rage is being siphoned out at teacher’s college. The end result – Awesome teachers! Give a teacher one of these to reminisce those days. Caution. This might get you down to a B+



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