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9 Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers

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9 Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers

Picking out office gifts for coworkers is tricky. You have to find something that fits your colleague’s personality without going overboard on the price. It’s a difficult, but still possible quest, regardless of whether it’s for a birthday, promotion, anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion.

Check out our list below of some of the best office gifts for your coworkers. Whether you have the office tech guru as your Secret Santa or you’re trying to find something for your caffeine-loving deskmate, we’ve got gift suggestions for you.

1. Go Electronic for the Tech-Obsessed Coworker

If you’ve got a tech-obsessed coworker who always knows what’s what the newest gadgets and gizmos are, gift them with a tech treat you know they’ll love.

Think about all of the gadgets your tech-savvy friend gushes over and choose some cool accessories. Covers, chargers, headsets, and tech cleaners would all make great gifts.

Try a new portable phone charger for the coworker who is on his or her phone all day or an extra long charging cable. If your work pal is on the road a lot, these latest smartphone car mount or Bluetooth headset would be great gifts.

If your tech-savvy coworker is always looking at a screen, consider blue light glasses. They protect your eyes from blue light emitted from screens and reduce strain. They’re affordable and available for purchase without a prescription.

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2. Gift Home Tools for Your Weekend Project Friend

If your desk mate comes into the office on Mondays full of stories about recent projects around the house, small household tools make excellent gifts.

Your coworker who loves to make home repairs would appreciate a small toolbox to keep with him or her at all times. If your friend already has a toolbox, try a fancy new tool. Micro eyeglass screwdrivers are handy and a bottle opener keychain is perfect for the celebratory beer after a long day of work.

If you’re unsure of what your handyman (or woman) coworker would appreciate, browse the shelves at your local hardware store. Something is sure to catch your eye!

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3. Pick out Something for the Office Chef

The office chef is always cooking up something different based on a new Food Network recipe. He or she may have even brought some tasty treats into the office from time-to-time. Repay the favor by getting your coworker a fun new kitchen appliance or cookbook.

Pot clips are inexpensive resting plates for spoons and cooking utensils. You can find spiral vegetable cutters for under $15, so your friend can turn veggies into noodles. Or try a snap strainer, which drains pasta out of the pot without a colander.

If all else fails, gift your cooking coworker with handy household ingredients. Spices, herbs, and olive oil won’t ever go to waste in the kitchen. Plus, it may inspire your coworker to cook you a delicious new dish.

4. Go Green for the Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

Do you have the office nature-lover for Secret Santa this year? If so, there are plenty of affordable trinkets you can gift him or her.

Find a dependable stainless steel water bottle your friend can take on a long hike. Or gift them a pocket picnic blanket, which is waterproof and great for picnics in any climate.

If your office’s outdoor lover is always-on-the-go, make them an outdoor survival kit. Add in little bottles of sunscreen, bug spray, alcohol wipes, bandaids, and anything else you can think of to help them in a pinch during their next camping adventure.

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5. Create a Coffee-Lovers Dream

The American workplace always has a coffee-lover in its midst. If you know your coworker is a hot beverage enthusiast, then give him or her the gift of caffeine.

A cute coffee mug (or one with his or her name on it) or some new K-cups are always a good gift for a caffeine enthusiast. If you want to get a gift that’s the next level up, you can try giving your coworker The Coffee Cookie. This awesome portable gadget keeps coffee hot on-the-go and is a coffee-addicts dream. Your Starbucks-obsessed coworker will be thrilled!

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6. Choose Something Shareable for the Coworker You Don’t Know Well

A gift for the quiet coworker across the office can be tricky because you don’t know their personality so well. In this case, you should give them a gift that can be shared among multiple coworkers.

Try a basket of baked goods he or she can pass out, a community phone charger, or commonly needed office supplies. On the off chance, your coworker doesn’t find the gifts useful, at least someone else will!

7. Give Something Useful to the Newbie

If you’re moving up the ranks at the office and someone new has taken over your old job, gift them something useful for their daily tasks. Think of things you used while in that position and gift them to the newbie as a welcoming present.

Is there a handy stapler you relied on when you were in that position? Was there a book you read that helped you better understand the business process for that role? Is there a software program you loved using that isn’t company-mandated?

These would all be excellent office gifts for a newcomer taking over your old position. Not only will it help a new coworker succeed, but these types of gifts are great ice breaks and can help you make a new office friend.

8. Think About What They Complain About

Every office has a complainer, right? Jot down everything that one person complains about and find a way to give it to them.

Are they the person who always gets stuck refilling the printer with paper? Is this coworker the one who complains about running out of thumbtacks, staples, or who can never find a pen? That becomes the perfect office gift for your complaining coworker!

9. When in Doubt, Turn to Old Reliable

If you don’t have a clue about what to gift your coworker, stick with an old reliable option. These include:

These are great gifts for anyone and everyone. They’re simple and something your coworker will put to good use!

Find the Best Office Gifts for Coworkers

Picking out the best office gifts for coworkers can be tricky, but not impossible. Whether it’s for the office’s caffeine addict or nature-lover, the right gift is out there.

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