Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items A baby shower is an exciting time to celebrate a new family member. Check out these funny must-have baby shower items for that special someone. Keyword(s): funny must-have baby shower items   New parents do not turn over their sense of humor when they have […]


You can’t go wrong with these 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas. Why Settle For Basic Mother’s Day Gifts? It is thoughtful and worthwhile that a day is set aside to appreciate mothers and present mother’s day gifts. Every day is technically a mother’s day considering the overall essence of expressing regard, respect and love towards […]

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How to Choose That Perfect Gift for Dad Having trouble finding the right gift for your dad? Want it to be special? Check out our guide on how to choose perfect gifts for dad. The average person will spend $133 on dad for Father’s Day. But dad can be one of the hardest people in […]

5 best Taco Holders on Amazon 2019

5 Best Taco Holders on Amazon A rising force emerges. After a thorough evaluation using our objective review system, we are ready to announce the 5 best Taco holders on Amazon. Our team spent 18 hours reviewing testimonials combined with an unbiased analysis of the over crowded Taco Holder Stand choices. All of these were […]


Cinco De Mayo only comes but once a year, and while some don’t need a special day to drink and go crazy with Mexican food and Margaritas, others are glad to have a holiday to justify these actions. Preparing for a Cinco De Mayo party can be stressful, as you would not only need to entertain your guests, but also kept them fed and properly intoxicated (if they are of legal age of course). Find out some of the best 10 must have items to make your Cinco de Mayo a memorable celebration from (IWTAT2)

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12 Teacher Gifts That Will “Get” You A+ Teacher approved hilarious satire Underlying principle of teacher gifts Similar to giving one’s boss or coworkers gifts, teacher gifts are equally appreciated. Gifting is a human act that builds rapport regardless of the giver or recipient. The definite way to get excellent grades in school is to […]


15 No-Excuse Fitness Ideas For Everybody Jumpstart your fitness regimen A new year brings promises of people wanting to start some form of an exercise program. All over the world, gyms benefit from the influx of new members as they rake in tons of cash. These members will have to pay a joining fee in […]

10 Insane April Fools Pranks-iwantthisandthat2

April Fools Day is a much beloved day by both the young and old, where everyone and anyone gets to indulge in their most mischievous personas as they ruthlessly prank and fool their family and friends. Whether it is for some quick laughs or some form of revenge, April Fools is a day notorious for bringing out our naughty side.


15+ Easter Gifts You Rarely See Anywhere Make Their Easter One to Remember Easter, a holiday celebrated worldwide in April of every year. Originally celebrated as the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as stated by the New Testament, Easter has taken on an entirely new modern adaption. While modern adaptions may not […]


St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is similar to Thanksgiving Day in the United States to an extent. Hence, spending time with family is essential. Exchanging gifts between family, friends and coworkers is more of less an expected gesture and less obligatory. So you might be wondering, “what should I get as a St. Patrick’s Day […]

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Everyone has someone hard to buy for on their holiday gift list. Use the tips and ideas here to find gifts for people who are hard to buy for

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9 Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers Picking out office gifts for coworkers is tricky. You have to find something that fits your colleague’s personality without going overboard on the price. It’s a difficult, but still possible quest, regardless of whether it’s for a birthday, promotion, anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion. […]