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  • Waterproof Gadget Bag

    Keeps water 100%  out and seals messes in. Protect your valuable gadgets during trips to the gym, beach, or travels. The patented Waterproof Bag technology has a smooth gliding zipper that is easy to use, is silent and offers complete reliability when left in the rain or fully submerged in the pool or river.

  • Female Urination Device

    Just hold GoGirl against your body, forming a seal then aim, pee. That’s how easy it gets. It is a female urination device that is neat, discreet, hygienic and actually a girl’s best friend. Due to its portability, it fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. Forget about any mess because it comes with a splashguard that eliminates messing and spilling. Great for outdoors, sports events or when nature just can’t wait.

  • Portable Campfire

    A portable outside campfire. Its sleek design offers you 3-5 hours of non-toxic burn time. Your outside campfire experiences will probably be first-class. It incorporates 100% recycled soy wax and 100% recycled paper pulp. It’s straightforward, convenient and better for the surroundings than traditional wood burning campfires.

  • Mini Folding LED Knife

    Carry less weight while outdoors with this durable combo. It is a flashlight and a knife. Portable and weighs only 3.40 ounces. Stretched length is 7″ while the blade measures 3″. Requires four CR2032 batteries.

  • Stainless Steel Utensil Kit

    Whether you’re searching for a reasonably priced groomsman’s gift, stocking stuffers for those near and dear, or a personal defense knife to give protection to a friend or circle of relatives member, this fully warrantied stainless steel knife will serve you well. The Kabar Original Hobo knife features a fork, knife and spoon with nylon carrying case. This utensil kit is perfect for on-the-go or outside dining. All three utensils slide apart and back together for an all-in-one dining kit.

Showing all 5 results