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Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items

Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items

Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items

A baby shower is an exciting time to celebrate a new family member. Check out these funny must-have baby shower items for that special someone.

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New parents do not turn over their sense of humor when they have a baby! If you know someone who is expecting, give them a laugh with these funny must-have baby shower items.

Expectant parents know they need all the boring essentials like diapers, bottles, and blankets. Chances are, they have already bought everything they need.

So, what can you bring to a baby shower that is fun, useful, and something the parents would not buy themselves?

Lucky for you, this list is the ideal funny gift guide for a baby shower. Or, you can use it as an out-of-the-box baby shower gift registry if you are the parents-to-be.

Baby Onesies and Bibs With Funny One-Liners

Onesies and bibs make the perfect baby shower gifts. Not only are parents always running out of them, but you can buy ones with funny one-liners too.

Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items

Here are some ideas:

You can choose a onesie or bib which fits in with the parents’ interests and sense of humor.

Playful Pacifiers

All babies use pacifiers. And they are one of the best funny must-have baby shower items for guests on a budget.

Choose pacifiers with a mustache, vampire teeth, or smoking a cigarette to guarantee laughs from the parents.

The only downside is that they might not be able to get the baby to sleep if they cannot stop laughing at their newborn with fake facial hair!

Riveting Rattles and Teethers

Think those classic silver rattles are a little dull? Funny teethers and rattles are great baby shower items and there are plenty available in non-PG shapes.

Opt for rattles in the shape of a beer bottle, to-go coffee cup, or dumbbell. Teethers are available as game boys, vegetables, and even false teeth.

Buff Baby Rattle

Dancing Monkey Teether 

Baconease Appe-Teethers

Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Socks Toys Wrist Rattles

Hilarious Baby Books

Funny must-have baby shower items should be useful and get a laugh. Here are some hilarious baby books to give as gifts for new parents:

  • Go the F*ck back to Sleep by Adam Mansbach
  • Rocket Science for Babies by Chris Ferrie
  • P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever by Raj Haldar

The parents will already have Goodnight Moon, anyway.

P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever



Baby University ABC’s Board Book Set

Go the F**k to Sleep

Just For Mommy

Lactation Massager For Breastfeeding Support

Baby Owner’s Manual 

Have tons of frequently asked questions nearby and ready before the baby arrives. The step-by-step guide and diagrams are sure to blow away any mom-to-be.

Halloween and Dress-up Costumes

One thing is for certain: pop culture nerds love dressing their kids up as characters from their favorite TV shows, films, and games. Halloween costumes also make great funny baby shower gifts, too.

Sure, you could give the new parents a superhero outfit and they might love them. But why not put together a costume that channels Dwight Schrute from The Office or a sumo wrestler?

You are bound to get some laughs for a funny outfit from the parents’ favorite TV show. Top tip: Work out how old the baby will be at Halloween and buy a costume in the appropriate size.

Funny Must-Have Baby Shower Items for Your Next Celebration

Why buy the parents yet another oversized stuffed bear when you can give them these funny must-have baby shower items instead?

Show them you care by giving them something useful that also makes them smile.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our collection of gifts for kids here.

Tortilla Baby Blanket 

Suction-cup Silicone Placemat Plate

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You can’t go wrong with these 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas


You can’t go wrong with these 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Why Settle For Basic Mother’s Day Gifts?

It is thoughtful and worthwhile that a day is set aside to appreciate mothers and present mother’s day gifts. Every day is technically a mother’s day considering the overall essence of expressing regard, respect and love towards moms. However, a torturous 9-month journey of pregnancy to bring you into this world and helping with raising you are enough reasons to celebrate mothers. Time follows no standard when you enter motherhood, which in itself is a lifetime commitment. The nurturing and caring transcends cultures and socio-economic status and last till eternity. That’s lots of person-hours to be grateful for.

Presenting Mother’s day gifts have become the norm. With time, people become complacent and settle for such basic Mother’s Day gifts like flowers and a card. Yes, it is common hearing mother’s say, “It’s the thought that counts.” This phrase is a subtle plea asking you not to break the bank and that you would be loved nonetheless. We at believe a little more thoughtfulness needs to go into presenting gifts. It is more about the uniqueness and being different from the pack than the actual cash value.

Why settle for a card when you get her an anti-spill cup holder for her couch or a yoga cat paper towel holder? Why settle for flowers that will die after a couple of days when you could get her a personalized embossing rolling pin?

Luckily for those who want to put a little extra thought into their Mother’s day gifts without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for Mother’s Day that you cannot go wrong with.

1. Cold Brew Filter-In Tea Bottle  I Want This

Cold Brew Filter In Tea Bottle gift for her mon christmas iwantthisandthat2

Get ready for a healthy day because this Cold Brew Filter-In Tea Bottle will create rich teas and citrus water overnight to get you vibrant and going strong. Your mother could also infuse her favorite beverage with fresh fruits for the perfectly enjoyable mass-drinking experience. The silicone top of the Cold Brew Filter-In Tea Bottle is easy to wash and adds a certain appeal to the product. Drinking out of glass just makes everything taste better! Don’t let your mother drink tea out of any boring tea bottle. Give her a gift she will adore for Mother’s Day, a Cold Brew Filter-In Tea Bottle.

2. Yoga Cat Paper Towel Holder  I Want This

Yoga Cat Paper Towel Holder unique gift ideas iwantthisandthat2


Time to give your mother this practical cast iron Yoga cat paper towel holder that also doubles as an art piece. This adorable cat doesn’t just hold a paper towel; it can also stack up to three rolls of toilet paper as well. This useful art piece adds a lovely compliment to your mother’s home décor with its smooth bronze finish. Your mother will adore how much thought you put into this feline gift for Mother’s Day.

3. State-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board  I Want This

State Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board mothers gift gift for her christmas gifts iwantthisandthat2


Does your mother have an unexciting old rectangular cutting board? Does she want to represent either her favorite state or the state that she lives in while cutting through vegetables or bloody slabs of meat? Help her show off her state pride with a beautiful state-shaped bamboo cutting board. Bamboo, which is a durable material, will be gentle on her knives. It also cleans quickly well. The best part? The board comes with a hanging hole so that she can display her state pride when it isn’t in use as a decorative item! Your mother will definitely adore the State-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board as a Mother’s Day gift.

4. Family Recipe & Cooking Journal   I Want This

Family Recipe Cooking Book gifts ideas mothers for her christmas gifts iwantthisandthat2


Has your mother always had a secret family recipe she has kept in her head for years? Well, she finally has a way to write everything down to pass down to generations after her. The Blank Recipe Book and Cooking Journal allows her to write down tips and ingredients for over 80 recipes! She can also personalize each of her recipes with “delicious” photographs as well as a photo gallery of her best work. This won’t just be a gift she will adore for Mother’s Day, but this will also secretly be an investment in yourself, as the recipes will eventually pass onto you! Does this sound like the building block for a KFC-like restaurant in future? We will leave that for you to decide.

5. Anti-Spill Sofa Cup Holder  I Want This

anti spill sofa cup holder gift for her mom christmas iwantthisandthat2


Tired of watching your mother bend over the coffee table just to get her drink? Worried she might eventually spill the drink? Well, with the Anti-Spill Sofa Cup Holder, you can put those worries aside as she will have the convenience of having her drink right by her side. This one-size-fits-all coaster has an adjustable adapter to fit even smaller bottles and cans. Concealed weights at the ends of the coaster keep the sofa cup holder firmly in place. The weights also help in case there is the accidental knock or bump of the couch or recliner where it is placed to help prevent unnecessary spills and stains to your furniture.

The cup holder can also double as storage for cell phones, remotes or car keys. Your mother will absolutely adore the gift of never having to bend over ever again for a drink while enjoying her favorite television program.

6. Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin  I Want This

Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin iwanatthisandthat2


Does your mother’s cookies look just like those of her neighbors or those that you can buy at the supermarket? Does she wish she could roll custom texts or logos onto her cookies to make them unique? Well, you can help her make beautiful custom-made cookies with a Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin!

These rolling pins can be customized with any message or logo for any occasion. From weddings to birthdays, to kid’s parties, your mother can have a rolling pin to fit any need. Imagine how much your mother’s face will light up if she opens her Mother’s Day gift to see a rolling pin customized just for her. Take her into the kitchen and help her bake some cookies to test out her new customized rolling pin. A gift of a personalized embossing rolling pin will surely make memories with your mother for years to come. She will absolutely adore it!

7. Shhh…One of These Here Should definitely Make It To Your List. Especially the 7th-row items. Drum roll, please… 



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How to Choose That Perfect Gift for Dad

How to Choose Perfect Gifts for Dad gift ideas iwantthisandthat2

How to Choose That Perfect Gift for Dad

Having trouble finding the right gift for your dad? Want it to be special? Check out our guide on how to choose perfect gifts for dad.

The average person will spend $133 on dad for Father’s Day. But dad can be one of the hardest people in your life to shop for.

The man raised you and helped you become the person you are today. He deserves better than a World’s Greatest Dad mug (although that’s a pretty accurate mug.)

So what can you do to find the best gift for your dad? Check out the list below. We give you some ideas for the perfect gifts for dad, and we give you a few examples of each.

Consider His Hobbies

Does your dad love to cook? Is he a fisherman? A woodworker? Is he super into sports or golf or ballet? Hey, we don’t judge.

When you’re looking for a new gift for your dad, think about what he likes to do with his buddies in his free time. Gifts related to his hobbies are the perfect gifts. It shows you know your dad, and you support his interests.

Check out a few of our ideas.

Check Out Our Apron Cooking Guide  Check It Out

This is a cooking guide printed onto an apron. Cooking times, recipes, and grilling tips decorate this 100% cotton apron. The script takes on an old fashioned newspaper decor.

Help your dad keep grease off his phone and out of his cookbook with this stylish, practical apron.

apron cooking guide gift ideas for cooking, bbq from


Every Dad Needs a Hands-Free Meal Tray  Check It Out 

So it’s grill time, and the grill master needs to eat too! But he can’t leave the grill unattended, and he can’t leave his own food unattended. That’s begging for the dog to snatch it.

The solution? A hands-free meal tray. This tray attaches to your dad’s belt loops so he can keep his burger and beer in arms reach while he tends to the grill.

Hands Free Serving Tray tailgate family events outdoors party iwantthisandthat2


An All-Terrain Motorized Cooler   Check It Out

A beer cooler that doubles as a mode of transportation. Need we say more?

Is your dad more of an outdoorsy guy? Check out our outdoors must-haves here.



Look Out for Your Dad’s Health

If you’re old enough for your father’s day gift to be an actual gift and not homemade, your dad is likely getting old. In fact, the average male life expectancy is only 78 years. But you can help your dad stretch those years by getting him a gift to support his health.

Posture Correcting Exercise Ball   Check It Out

Back pain gets worse as you get older. Get your dad relief at his desk job by getting him an exercise ball to correct his posture instead of a desk chair. This ball inflates to match a man height and desk height.

Posture Correcting Exercise Ball iwantthisandthat2 gift


Star Wars Kettle Bells   Check It Out

Is your dad a Star Wars fan? Help him expand his home gym or man cave with these kettlebells that reflect his personality too.

Workout Kettlebells fitness star wars gift iwantthisandthat2.


Lower Back Support Posture Belt   Check It Out

Is your dad on his feet all day? Get him a belt that will support his lower back, improve his posture, and relieve back pain. This belt is perfect for day to day wear, and it’s something your dad will enjoy every day.



Get Them Something Practical

So if you can’t get your dad something related to his hobbies, and he’s already in great health then what? Get him something he can use every day.

Car Seat Gap Filler   Check It Out

Is your dad always dropping things between the cracks on his seat? Get him this gap filler.

No longer will your dad go searching the gaps for his lost phone. And you can keep crumbs from building up under the seats.



Back Hair Removal and Shaver   Check It Out 

Is your dad so hairy you can mistake him for Bigfoot? Get him the Back Hair Removal and shaver. This will help your dad get those hard to reach places when he wants a deep, full-body shave.



Compact Key Organizer   Check It Out

Does your dad have so many keys he might as well be a janitor? Keep his key ring organized and compact with this key organizer. It can carry up to 14 keys to keep your dad’s pockets from bulging and jingling.

key organizer keychain iwantthisandthat2


Get Them Something Unique

If all else fails, get him something unique, that no other dad will ever have. Does it have to be practical? Not necessarily. Does it have to make sense? Absolutely not. Does it have to be funny? Only in the way that dad jokes are funny.

Here are a few ideas.

Super Massive Ultra Realistic Bacon Scarf   Check It Out


This bacon scarf is almost big enough to be a blanket. It has ultra-realistic bacon detail. If your dad loves bacon, this is a must-have accessory that belongs in every man’s closet.

Giant Poker Playing Cards   Check It Out 

This is especially helpful if your dad is losing his eyesight. Otherwise, it’s just funny and a bit impractical, but we love it anyway. These cards are as big as your face. They’re ultra-durable and designed for years of playing.



200 lbs of Watermelon   Check It Out

Who needs 200 lbs in a single watermelon? The better question is, who doesn’t? If nothing else, your dad will laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this Father’s Day gift.

200 lbs pounds Watermelon


The Perfect Gifts for Dad Do Exist

It’s not easy to find the perfect gifts for dad. But it is possible. Keep their hobbies in mind. Find something to support their health. Get them something they’ll use every day.

And when all else fails, get them something unique and quirky. Use this list as a launching point, and your dad will have the best father’s day ever.

Are you still stumped? Check out all our gifts for men here.

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5 Best Taco Holders on Amazon

5 best Taco Holders on Amazon 2019

5 Best Taco Holders on Amazon

A rising force emerges. After a thorough evaluation using our objective review system, we are ready to announce the 5 best Taco holders on Amazon. Our team spent 18 hours reviewing testimonials combined with an unbiased analysis of the over crowded Taco Holder Stand choices. All of these were done putting ourselves in the shoes of the average customer that just wants to go online, grab what they need and exit.

Go straight to the best taco holder on Amazon if you are short on time. We did all the nitty gritty work to help you make an informed decision. As you continue reading further, more light will be shed on the thought process in arriving at the 5 Best Taco Holders.

How to choose the best Taco Holder Stand

A combination of the following factors is essential:

  • Product Material and Quality: This was a key element in the testing. It is a factor of a product satisfactorily meeting the basic essence for which it was designed, plus durability. You will come across Stainless steel, plastic and wooden taco holders, and choosing one particular material will depend on your personal needs. Is the material oven, grill or microwave safe? Would you like to keep keep your tacos warmer for extended period? If not, plastic and wooden taco holders could be viable choices.
  • Customer Reviews: Based on ratio alone, having 500 product reviews over 2 years does not necessarily make one product better than the other with 100 reviews within 2 months as an example. We therefore evaluated the actual content of the reviews.
  • Price point, Practicality, Convenience and Safety were also considered in the decision making process. Seemingly harmless tableware send thousands to the emergency room each year and we made sure we covered this thoroughly. We factored in the average current price per material type using our mathematical algorithm coupled with the user-friendliness of the taco holder design.
  • Cleaning and Storage: After all the fun comes the chore. Will the taco holder design make it easy to clean or is it dishwasher safe? Does it stack well for easy storage?

(5th) Barbuzzo

dinosaur taco holder barbuzzo iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas

8.6 out of 10

Modeled after a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur that will trigger any kid’s imagination at mealtime. This unique taco holder stand is constructed from 100% food-safe ABS plastic and also holds toasts, waffles, Pretzels, Nachos and much more.

  • Perfect for kid-themed events
  • BPA, lead and phthalates free
  • Available in different types of dinosaurs
  • Not suited for microwave or oven

See taco holder Price on Amazon of iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas taco holders


(4th) WidbiTaco Holder

Widbi taco holder rack on amazon iwantthisandthat2-gift-ideas

8.7 out of 10

Crafted of stainless steel and would not rust. It is easy to clean, stack and store, and designed to have the least contact with your tacos. The taco holders are completely rounded with no sharp edges to worry about.

  • Appealing minimalist design
  • Great quality material
  • Four-pack set
  • Weak support for soft taco shells

See taco holder Price on Amazon of iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas taco holders


(3rd) Aichoof Taco Holder

Aichoof taco holder plastic iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas

8.9 out of 10

The Aichoof polypropylene plastic taco holders come in attractive colors and hold 4 tacos each. Aside tacos, they are great for burritos and sandwich also. Storage will not be an issue since they take minimal space. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

  • Packed as a set of six
  • BPA free plastic
  • Lightweight and optimal size
  • Not suitable for microwave or oven

See taco holder Price on Amazon of iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas taco holders


(2nd) 2 Lb. Depot

2lb depot taco holder on amazon iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas

9.1 out of 10

Each taco rack holds hard shell tacos upright for easy filling and serving. Made of quality 304-stainless steel Taco Stand. It is non-rusting and each holder comes with a removable condiment cup and attached holder. You are covered if storage space is an issue because they stack so well.

  • Condiment kept within easy reach
  • Unique and practical design
  • Oven and grill safe
  • Not wide enough for some users

See taco holder Price on Amazon of iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas taco holders


(1st) Ewovations Best Taco Holder

taco holder on amazon by ewovations iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas

9.5 out of 10

This restaurant grade stainless steel taco holder is sure to withstand any abuse for years. Elegant and sturdy is what comes to mind when you first see this holder. It is dishwasher, grill and oven safe. They have a convenience carry handle and serve soft and hard shell tacos, fajitas, hot dogs and more.

  • Edges are smooth on the fingers
  • Food contact safe
  • Comes in four-pack
  • Great value for money

See taco holder Price on Amazon of iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas taco holders


Unique Considerations

Children Events

Are you planning a birthday bash for your child or inviting his or her friends over for a taco night? Maybe, you simply want to keep your child excited and engaged during taco meals. Some taco holders fit perfectly well within such a setting. Child friendly taco trays are often colorful, plastic, toy-like and purposely fun looking to appeal to children. It is important to ensure that they are BPA free, absent of sharp edges and small removable parts. The Fred Taco Truck and East World are great choices. Check out some other taco holders for kids.


5 best Taco Holders on Amazon iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas


If prioritizing budget above all other criteria if of interest to you, rest assured that you will be taken care of. The reason being that, taco holders come in a wide range of prices. Just note that the pricing could also be savvy. Are they being sold in singles or a set? How many tacos can one holder fit? Prices to expect are:

  • Inexpensive: $5 – $15
  • Mid-Price: $15 – $25
  • Expensive: $25 – $50


Tacos have evolved and transcended boundaries beyond being just a typical traditional Mexican dish. The incursion of Tacos into different cultures quickly brought about one ugly truth. Eating Tacos can be messy! This is especially relatable for those who are used to eating more with cutlery and less with the fingers. Taco Holder Stands therefore brought some sanity into the whole Taco eating process and also extended its indulgence into more formal settings. Just picture spicy shrimp tacos with avocado salsa and sour cream cilantro sauce served on the best taco holder on your wedding day. Yummy! That’s a classic reality in this day and age.

With the wide choices of Taco holder stands out there, picking the right one for your needs can be difficult. It is no more a challenge now. Use the Five Best Taco Holders short list above to guide your next purchase and you will not be disappointed. We will update the shortlist monthly. Pass by often to see who emerges on top and remember to visit us for more unique finds. In the mean time, share the 5 best Taco holders on Amazon shortlist to others. 


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10 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Items You Must Have


10 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Items You Must Have

Cinco de Mayo celebrations

Cinco De Mayo only comes but once a year, and while some don’t need a special day to drink and go crazy with Mexican food and Margaritas, others are glad to have a holiday to justify these actions.

Celebrated not just in the United States or Mexico, but also across the world, Cinco de Mayo brings together all those who wish to enjoy a holiday celebrating Mexican heritage that is often mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, which is in September.

While some choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexican restaurants or big lavishly colorful parades, others choose to attend or throw their own parties. These Cinco de Mayo parties can range from a wild celebration filled with margaritas to a quieter get-together but still filled with margaritas. Cinco de Mayo parties can be thrown with as big or as small of a budget as needed to make people happy until next year’s celebration. One wouldn’t need a lot of money to keep their Cinco de Mayo guests entertained throughout the night. Even just an intimate setting of a few friends, some cheap food, and cheap drinks would be enough to satisfy the average partygoer. However, what if you normally throw average Cinco de Mayo parties and want to make a bang this year with your guests?

Cinco de Mayo gift ideas

Preparing for a Cinco de Mayo party can be stressful, as you would not only need to entertain your guests, but also kept them fed and properly intoxicated (if they are of legal age of course). You would also need to make your party the hit, as you would not be the only one thinking of throwing a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Why keep it simple with just one boring course of tacos when you can serve your guest’s meat seared with their names on it? From a life-sized Mariachi Guitarron cardboard cutout to a wall-mounted corgi bottle butt opener these items compiled just for you should help you throw a Cinco De Mayo party that will be talked about for years, or at least until next year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

10. Triple Threat Hot Sauce   I Want This


Cinco de Mayo brings together people with many different taste palates. What better way to spice things up than offering not just one, but three different flavors of hot sauce that is sure to satisfy everyone’s different spice tolerance. Marine Green, made with green cayenne peppers, is perfect for those who want flavor with a little kick. Dead Red, made with Louisiana-grown red cayenne peppers, is great for those partygoers looking for a spice punch for their tongues. Shock and Awe, made with Louisiana-grown orange habaneros, are not for the faint of heart or weak of tongue. This set of hot sauces will surely have your guests reaching for the cold beverages you’ve provided for your Cinco de Mayo party.

9. Human Burrito Blanket   I Want This

Human Burritos Tortilla Blanket iwantthisandthat2

What better way to get your guests both comfortable at your party and in the mood for the many different flour tortilla dishes you’ve prepared for the Cinco de Mayo party than a human burrito blanket. While it does not come in corn or tomato, this soft and plush burrito blanket will surely bring extra laughs to any Cinco de Mayo event.

8. Ultimate Taco Lovers Utensil   I Want This


Cinco de Mayo doesn’t come without a bounty of different Mexican dishes. One of the staple dishes served during this holiday is the taco. Tacos are easy to make and delicious to eat, but often fall victim to being served on plates where they lay on their side, leaving their ingredients to spill everywhere. Why not keep the taco and all their delicious ingredients upright in an oven and dishwasher-safe stainless-steel taco holder? Your tacos will appreciate you as much as your party guests. You may want to take a peek at the 5 best taco holders here. 

7. Tortilla Chip Backpack   I Want This


What better way to fool inebriated guests at your Cinco de Mayo than walking around with a laptop travel bag that looks like it is full of tortilla chips? Lightweight and durable, this multipurpose bag would serve as a great conversation starter, not just at your Cinco de Mayo party, but at school or on a plane as well. Although, nothing stops you from filling this with actual tortilla chips.

6. Dog Butt Bottle Opener   I Want This


Is there any better conversation-starter than a bottle opener in the shape of a dog’s butt? Imagine the reaction of your guests at your Cinco de Mayo party asking you to open their drink, and you point them towards a wall where this hangable corgi dog butt bottle opener is perched. Let’s just hope that if there is a corgi at your Cinco de Mayo party, that your guests aren’t too intoxicated to make a mistake. This sturdy bottle opener will surely be a hilarious addition to any party with or without an actual corgi present.

5. Stand-In Life Size Cutout   I Want This


No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a life-sized cardboard cutout of a Mariachi Guitarron. Never heard that before? Maybe you haven’t been to a good Cinco de Mayo party then. Watch all night as your guests take turns taking photos with your life-sized Mariachi Guitarron cutout. Be the talk of the office and among your family for years with the hilarious photo opportunities at your Cinco de Mayo party.

4. Meat Branding Iron   I Want This


What is more out of the ordinary than seeing personalized messages burned into their meat? Personalize your meat branding iron with any message you want and hope your Cinco de Mayo guests can remember it after the next day’s hangover. This meat branding iron will surely bring about a few laughs for those who like to hang around the cook during parties.

3. The Presidential Wall Game   I Want This


The Presidential Wall Game is certain to bring about laughs at your Cinco de Mayo party, no matter the political affiliation of your guests. Like the wildly popular and well-known Hasbro game, Jenga, the goal is to remove blocks without causing a collapse. The twist, of course, is that you must not let the President fall. This novelty toy will surely be a hit amongst your Cinco de Mayo partygoers no matter what they think of the man on top.

2. Lime & Salt Rimmer Margarita Set   I Want This



1. Skull Jigger-Stopper-Shot Glass   I Want This




Find Out More Cool Items – IWTAT2


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12 Teacher Gifts That Will “Get” You A+

12 Teacher gifts that will get you A plus excellent grade teacher gift ideas iwantthisandthat2

12 Teacher Gifts That Will “Get” You A+

Teacher approved hilarious satire

Underlying principle of teacher gifts

Similar to giving one’s boss or coworkers gifts, teacher gifts are equally appreciated. Gifting is a human act that builds rapport regardless of the giver or recipient. The definite way to get excellent grades in school is to be self-motivated, and willing to put in the sufficient amount of work time needed. That is a foolproof way to get an A+. After all the times spent seating in different classrooms and progressing all the way to college, I know this is easily said than done without a teachers help. In fact, research shows that teachers are the most important factor in how students do in school.

We all owe an immense gratitude to our hardworking teachers who selflessly nurture us throughout our educational journeys. As you make your choice among the top teacher gifts presented below, it is worth reinforcing good learning habits especially among children in order to get (without the sarcastic quotation marks this time) an A+ in any subject. The benefits will be manifested eventually.

Being a teacher is by no means and easy profession. While inside a classroom, the act of teaching is probably half a teacher’s task. The other portion of a teacher’s workday involves juggling various roles; parent, counselor, therapist, comedian and all personalities imaginable in-between. Most of these roles are not listed as part of the job description and a teacher must be prepared to assume any role that presents itself anytime. With that said, it is also important to note that teachers are relatively underpaid professionals, considering the level of education and rigors.

All over the world, it is not uncommon to see teachers going on strike to demand better wages. Teaching is not just a five-day workweek job. There are after-school tutoring sessions, nights and weekends spent grading assignments, preparing lesson plans for the upcoming week, other administrative tasks, conferring with parents and much more. Aside teachers, many schools have a hard time getting adequate funding for vital programs due to low prioritization. Though this scenario may vary by countries or cities, there is still the need for improvement across board.

On the brighter note, nothing is more heartwarming than seeing students progress on to the next phase of their academic pursuit. Batches of student cohorts graduating are certainly the most rewarding teacher gifts of all time.

Unique Teacher gifts

For those with kids in school, studying in college or taking some form of classes, these “Teacher Gifts” list curated below will make it truly unforgettable when presented. They are meant to stand out, poke some humor and build rapport. They will actually “get” your child an A+.

1. Weenie Erasers  I Want This   

Teacher gift ideas sausage erasers school supplies teacher gifts iwantthisandthat2

School districts often have limited funding. Unfortunately, this means that teachers personally fund some basic classroom supplies. An eraser might not make a bold statement unless it is presented in a funny and unique way. This is where a can of Weenie Erasers stand out? Weenie Erasers come in a collective tin that can be re-used as a pen and pencil holder. Great teacher

gifts help erase the past and establish rapport and positivity moving forwardClick To Tweet and so does the Weenie Erasers. Any teacher will get a good laugh from this gift, as well as appreciate you stocking up with classroom supplies. This will surely “get” you an A+. Remember not to tell your teacher that the dog chewed your homework right after it was completed.

2. Slime Reusable Keyboard Cleaner   I Want This 

slim keyboard cleaning gel teacher gifts office cleaning iwantthisandthat2

From dust to pencil shavings to their own tears, a teacher’s keyboard can get dirty rather quickly. Why watch your teacher struggle to clean their keyboard with a tissue when you can hand them a lemon-scented gel that doesn’t stick to their hand? This biodegradable gel can be used not just on keyboards, but calculators as well. Great teacher gifts are ingenious and so is the Slime Keyboard Cleaner. The Slime Reusable Keyboard Cleaner can be used multiple times until it turns dark. It is an excellent way to clean the classroom-loaned calculators that come back with gross stains all over. This is a teacher gift idea that minimizes germ transmission and keeps everyone healthy in the long run.

3. I’m Late Wall Clock   I Want This

Wall clock for teachers office students gifts whatever im late wall clock iwantthisandthat2

A phrase most commonly used by my high school teacher was, “The clock doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you.” One of the more frustrating parts of being a teacher is noticing the students watching the clock instead of what is being written on the board. This unique clock makes a clear statement: “Take it easy and don’t stress out”. For those that come to class late, the reason is obvious. It’s always the clocks fault. Special teacher gifts exhibit some humor and the “I Am Late Anyway” wall clock definitely hits the mark.

4. Dragon Head Stapler   I Want This

Dragon Stapler teacher gift professor office supplies gift school supplies iwantthisandthat2

Dragons are powerful characters on TV and in films. Game of thrones, Dungeons & Dragons and so much more. For teacher gifts, dragons are the last anyone would think of unless they come disguised. Add some interest and mystery to a teacher’s arsenal. Teachers will reminisce the last dragon related movie they watched as they staple or munch your assignment papers away. It is a subtle reminder that there is something exciting yet mysterious to look forward to after a day of putting up with that one student who just wouldn’t stop misbehaving in class.

5. Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game   I Want This

Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game teacher gift office gift iwantthisandthat2

Teachers need to let off steam in healthy ways. Fortunately, there is the Anti-Stress Ring Toss Game for a teacher to relax with. This is a healthy teacher gift idea that would “get” you and A+. Fortunately, it only needs rings and not darts. Guarantee your safety since you never know when you might step on the teacher’s toes.

6. Teacher’s Keep Calm Mug  I Want This

keep calm teacher mug gifts iwantthisandthat2

The best way to keep teachers calm is to give them a mug they can keep on their desk as a reminder to keep calm. Teachers need a daily dose of calm to be able to make it through their day. Even in their most tired state, this mug has a big enough handle that can keep the fluids stable with even the weakest of grips.

7. No.2 Pencil Socks   I Want This

No.2 pencil socks teacher gifts student gift iwantthisandthat2

This is a classic case of leading by example. It is common to hear teachers reminding students to bring No. 2 pencils to class. A better way to reinforce this request is by actually walking to class wearing a No. 2 Pencil Socks or probably just relaxing at home with a pair on. Teacher gifts come in all forms imaginable and this is one that would “get” you an A+. Just remember to study and submit all your assignments by the due dates though. The No.2 Pencil Socks teacher gift is a subtle reminder that teachers are in a profession that they are passionate about.

8. Teacher’s State of Mind Wine Glass   I Want This

State of Mind Wine Glass wine glass relaxation stress free gift iwantthisandthat2

While teachers may be passionate about their work, they do get stressed like others. There is no better way for a teacher to take a load off after work than with wine from this unique Mood Wine Glass. It is sturdy, dishwasher-friendly and can be used five days a week after each school session. Giving these glasses, as teacher gifts will guarantee that you “get” an A+. The illusion that you already earned an A+ will linger over your teacher’s tipsy head for a long time. Remember to seal the deal by putting in tons of schoolwork time.

9. No.2 Pencil Scented Candle   I Want This


Finally, a candle that truly celebrates teachers, architects, artist and designers. It makes you reminisce those times practicing figure drawing and cursive writing or trying to impress your teacher by disproving the Pythagorean theorem. Teacher gifts that are unique in all respects create lasting impressions. The aroma from this candle is one that will elevate anyone’s inner nerd.

10. Burrito Pencil/Pen Holder  I Want This


Profess your love of burritos with this quirky Burrito Pencil case. It is unique and perfect for both teachers and students alike. You may have to constantly remind yourself that it is non-edible because it is so realistic.

11. F in Exams: Complete Failure Edition I Want This

F in Exams Complete Failure Edition paperback teachergifts funny gifts iwantthisandthat2

Have you ever failed an exam you studied so hard for? Well, the answers in this book will make you feel so much better about yourself. F in Exams contains the funniest exam answers you wouldn’t even imagine. Teachers, even students and all others will be in for a hilarious expedition with this book. Though sadly real, these are actual wrong student answers compiled into the Complete Failure Edition.

12. The Worst Alphabet Book Ever  I Want This

the worst alphabet book ever funny teacher gifts idea iwantthisandthat2 school gift

Not only is this book funny and imaginative, it is very educational too. The New York Times statement, “raucous trip through the odd corners of our alphabet”, sums it up nicely. The book highlights some inexplicable and conflicting rules one has to navigate in order to be fully proficient in the English language. Teacher gifts that actually teach are now within your reach. You “get” an A+, the teacher also gets an A+ and everyone lives happily ever after. Go ahead and make teacher appreciation week one to remember. 



Anger Management Mug  I Want This

anger management mug teacher mug gifts ideas boss mug gifts iwantthisandthat2

This is a humorous irony! Teachers are generally well known to show patience and tolerance when dealing with students. Thanks to the rigorous teacher education curriculum that whips our educators into acceptable shape. Remember the phrase – What happens in Vegas (doesn’t) stays in Vegas? This Anger Management Mug is a testament to what goes on behind the scene while all the rage is being siphoned out at teacher’s college. The end result – Awesome teachers! Give a teacher one of these to reminisce those days. Caution. This might get you down to a B+



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15 No-Excuse Fitness Ideas For Everybody


15 No-Excuse Fitness Ideas For Everybody

Jumpstart your fitness regimen

A new year brings promises of people wanting to start some form of an exercise program. All over the world, gyms benefit from the influx of new members as they rake in tons of cash. These members will have to pay a joining fee in addition to their first month’s usage charge. Of course, we clarify the first month, because that’s when most of these New Year’s resolutions end. In fact, research shows that 73% Of people give up their New Year’s fitness goal resolution.

All kinds of excuses start pouring in. These range from being too tired, not having enough time or waiting for a better day. Well, we at believe there is always an opportunity to find time for fitness. We even have the baby and dog covered. How is that even possible, you might ask? Keep reading …

Fitness products that will motivate you

It isn’t just adults that should stay active to be healthy. Your baby could use a toddler dumbbell to get a head start on being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. A teenager could use a finger weightlifting set to keep their test-taking fingers active during final exams. Fitness comes in all forms unimaginable. Regardless of your reason for avoiding pumping iron, we have compiled a list of no excuse fitness ideas for everyone.

1.  Toddler Dumbbell  Check It Out

baby dumbbell fitness activity rattle toy iwantthisandthat2 gifts

Have you always had dreams of having a buff baby? Do you want to get your baby started early on a career in fitness modeling, bodybuilding or just being fit for health sake? This Dumbbell Baby Rattle will fill your baby’s need to play with a rattling toy. Additionally, it will engage their curiosity, while subliminally keeping them wanting to work out. Your baby can now safely cultivate some fitness ideas so that one day, they can post fitness goal hashtags on Instagram.

2. Core Max Smart Abs & Total Body Workout

Isolate at home and get that body you have always wanted so badly. This savior is scientifically designed to combine 8 muscle-burning exercises in one amazingly effective machine. All you need is 8 minutes a day! Get this Core Max

3. Dumbbell Beer Glass   Check It Out

Dumbbell Exercise Beer Glass for fitness and weight loss gifts idea iwantthisandthat2

Who said that lifting had to mean actual iron weights? A fitness regimen can be executed in all forms inconceivable. Some people will tell you that beer is empty in calories. Others will make you feel guilty by bugging you that the calories you’re consuming will eventually end up as fat around your waist?

What happens when you have a beer glass to drink out of that also shadows as an effective dumbbell? A fitness idea once absurd until now. This takes killing two birds with one stone to a whole new fun level. Yes to beer, good health and long life! This Dumbbell Beer Glass is a great gift for those you would like to encourage to workout but aren’t so sure of how to convey your message.

4. Finger Weightlifting Set   Check It Out


It is obvious that the fingers are used to grab all kinds of things, literally everything you have the urge to touch. Fundamentally, the fingers depend as much on learning and environment as on structure. Therefore keeping those fingers in tiptop shape is essential.

This miniature edition of the weightlifting set for fingers consist of one metal barbell, four rubber weight plates, one metal kettlebell weight, and one resistance band. The finger weightlifting set can be used in the office, at school, at home, or while pushing a grocery cart through the store. Don’t let your friends or loved ones walk around with weak fingers again. There is always that need to grab onto a carrot to eat, control the steering wheel of the car or secure the leash while walking the dog. Help the people you care about to not skip finger day. The benefits of this fitness idea are beyond what words can describe.

5. Collapsible Muscle Foam Roller  Check It Out


Collapsible foam Roller for muscle pain relief iwantthisandthat2 gifts

If you know someone who always makes an excuse as to why they can’t work out, then maybe a mobile way to improve core strength would be the perfect gift for them. The Brazyn Morph Trek Foam Roller is collapsible and portable. The portability of the collapsible muscle foam roller gives it the ability to fit into a bag and carried anywhere. The exciting part is that, it weights less than two pounds and there is no excuse to not have it ready on hand to use anytime. The collapsible muscle foam roller is also good for the environment because it contains eco-friendly and recycled materials. This is the perfect gift to jumpstart anyone’s excitement about fitness again.

6. Coldest Water Bottle   Check It Out

cold hot insulated water bottle stainless steel flask iwantthisandthat2 gift

Sometimes the first step that anyone needs to take before getting into fitness routine is making healthy choices. Ditch the sugary soda habits by getting the Coldest Water Bottle. It is an insulated stainless-steel hydro travel mug that will keep water cold and refreshing for up to 36 hours. Yes, 36 long hours! This super durable insulated stainless-steel bottle with a rubber grip has a leak-free cap, making it easy to carry. Fortunately for those who know the don’ts of drinking ocean or pool water; the coldest water bottle can float. This makes it ideal for trips to the beach or water parks. Having the ability to float implies your friends or loved ones will never dehydrate while being surrounded by inconsumable water. Aside making healthier life decisions, the Coldest Water Bottle is an inseparable partner that compliments all fitness ideas imaginable.

7. Posture Activating Exercise Ball   Check It Out

Posture Correcting Exercise Ball iwantthisandthat2 gift

Sometimes fitness starts with just making better choices for the body. Making better life choices doesn’t only mean changing what you eat or how many times you go to the gym. A Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair initially doesn’t seem like a fitness idea tool until you try it out. This lightweight exercise ball is ergonomic posture activating, with a handle to carry around anywhere. This is the perfect gift for anyone especially the elderly or those undergoing physical rehabilitation. Certainly, there shouldn’t be any more excuses when it comes to fitness.

8. Workout Kettlebells  Check It Out

Workout Kettlebells fitness star wars gift iwantthisandthat2.

When you think of the average Star Wars fan, you don’t exactly imagine someone in the peak shape of their life. Why not give them an incentive to work out with a pair of sculpted Star Wars kettle bells in the shape of a Stormtrooper? This Kettle Bell certainly arouses curiosity. It is also enticing enough to drive anyone into an impromptu bicep curl self-challenge. When not in use, it makes a good decorative sculpture piece. This is the perfect fitness idea equipment for that Star Wars couch potato fanatic in your life. It is mean looking enough to scare anyone back into fitness again.

9. Dog Conditioning & Workout   Check It Out

Kyra Canine Conditioning dog fitness training guide gift iwantthisandthat2

Physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Kyra Sundance’s widely popular Canine Conditioning workshops are now available in the palm of your hand, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos. A dog fitness guide for all pet lovers. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, inflatables, and ladders as your dog improves in five components of fitness: flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength.

10. Strength & Resistance Band   Check It Out

Strength Resistance Band fitness workout gifts iwantthisandthat2

Get fit and build strength with this workout bands that are designed specifically for results. It ensures that you have an easy way to increase the intensity of your workout, tone your body and burn fat at the comfort of your home or office. They are portable and lightweight and can be carried anywhere anytime.

11. Push Up Board System   Check It Out

Push Up Board System fitness workout tonned body iwantthisandthat2 gifts

This is literally a gym in your home. Effectively develops the chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back while engaging the whole core. The helpful color-coded system identifies working muscle groups such as the Chest, Shoulders, Back and Triceps. This equipment consolidates various fitness ideas imaginable onto one board.

12. Hip Resistance Band & Core Slider   Check It Out

Hip Circle Resistance Bands Core Slider Exercise Set fitness workout iwantthisandthat2

Most fitness experts agree this is simple yet effective way to tone your thighs and glute. It also strengthens your legs, tightens and develops your core and abdominals, thereby stretching your hips and adding lower body stability.

13. Brain Sensing Headband   Check It Out

Brain Sensing meditation wellness fitness Headband iwantthisandthat2

This advance tool helps to take the guesswork out of your meditation practice via real time guidance. Getting started is as easy as putting on the Muse headband, plugging in your headphones, starting the app, and closing your eyes. The rest is magic! You will be engulfed in the sounds pure tranquility. If your mind happens to stray away, you will be calmly guide back into that peaceful state again.

14. Facial Fitness   Check It Out

facial fitness muscle relaxer tone chin neck face iwantthisandthat2 gifts.

Facial-Flex was initially created as a facial restoration tool that also boosted oral muscle strength and elasticity. In a short period of time, it gained a reputation of being the go-to-method for delivering beauty effects. At the onset, this might not seem like a fitness idea until you examine your face in the mirror after multiple facial workout sessions. This is an all-in-one device for your face, chin and neck. Many refer to this as the non-invasive facelift.

15. Foot Gym Fitness   Check It Out

Foot Exercise Gym Plantar Fasciitis Achilles Tendonitis Shin Splints Massage Roller iwantthisandthat2 gifts

When people talk of fitness ideas, feet specific routines will most likely be at the bottom of the list until the feet really needs attention. Does your feet hurt? Do you want foot pain relief through non-surgical means? The Foot Gym could be an answer to your misery. It facilitates the treatment & prevention of Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis among others. Through the gradual stretches and exercise of the feet and calves, weak muscles gain back their strength. Foot Gym comes with different levels of tension resistance bands and no assembly is required. It is portable and can be used at home, the office or your trips abroad.


Ankle & Wrist Weights   Check It Out

ankle wrist Weights Fitness Exercise Walking Jogging Gymnastics Aerobics iwantthisandthat2 gifts

These ankle/arm weights add resistance to your exercises thereby helping with burning fat and strengthening leg and arm muscles. They are portable and can be incorporated into any fitness ideas you may have. The most gains come from their use in controlled and well-coordinated workouts rather than just having them hang loosely on your body. They are effective during squats, kicks and lunges.

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10 Insane April Fools Pranks

10 Insane April Fools Pranks-iwantthisandthat2

10 Insane April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Pranks From Past To Present

April Fools Day is a much beloved day by both the young and old, where everyone and anyone gets to indulge in their most mischievous personas as they ruthlessly prank and fool their family and friends. Whether it is for some quick laughs or some form of revenge, April Fools is a day notorious for bringing out our naughty side.

Like a lighter and shinier version of Halloween, this mischievous day is as ageless as it is popular with its origin dating way back to as early as the 14th century. Utilizing various means of captivating the attention of the masses from the media, newspapers, public statues and even to the more common means of passing information- The Internet. Year after year, the hoaxes have become more elaborate. A tradition as old as time itself, this day brings out the most creative aspects in us all.

Today we will delve into a couple of great April Fools prank gifts and toys that you can get your friends to make them none the wiser. These gadgets are equipped to provide an ample amount of nuisance for your friends.

Now due to the over popularity of this mischievous day, tons and tons of pranks and tricks have been carried out over the years to the point where it seems no new pranks can be done anymore. However, you would be wrong in assuming such as we will present you with great April Fools items that you can either buy for a friend or craft yourself.

April Fools Prank Ideas For Adults and Kids

From simple toys to complex structures, we will be highlighting several items and their importance about what makes them the perfect candidates as April Fools prank gift to annoy your friends.

Brace yourself as we reveal to you very unique and exquisite manners in which to make your friends love you a little less.

10. Shower Coffee Maker Soap Dispenser  I Want This


Cut your morning routine by as much as 50% with this revolutionary Shower Coffee Maker and Soap Dispenser. Sound too good to be true? Well this sensational looking gift box is an April Fools prank to conceal the actual gift. Its content can only be limited by your imagination. Just take a seat back and watch the expression of the recipient as they unbox their seemingly one of a kink device.

9. Animal Talk Translator  I Want This


All the growls and howls have meaning. Be the first to know if and when your pets decide to execute their plot against mankind. Ridiculous as it may seem, will you be able to eavesdrop on your pets or device a prank that makes this feat achievable? This empty April Fools prank gift box might do the trick. Simply pack the real gift inside, and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends and loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the Pet Talk, Animal Translator Collar.

8. Electric Shock Chewing Gum  I Want This


A battery operated electric shocking chewing gum. Looks identical to any typical packet of chewing gum. Offer some gum to your friends and watch as they receive a harmless shock. A cool and unexpected prank delivered in a simple, mischievous, yet hilarious manner.

7. Remote Control Fart Machine  I Want This


You can now trigger a Fart anywhere and maintain your stealth mode also. This is your chance to impress or gross out your family and friends. The fart machine makes 15 different fart sounds that are so real. Place it under chair while you seat far across the room with your finger on the trigger button. Anyone can be game for this April Fools prank.

6. Ultimate Prank Kit  I Want This


A kit that ensures that you never run out of new pranks. Go ahead and prank people of all ages. The kit includes easy to master pranks like rattlesnake eggs, special gel, a bone-cracker device, a rubber snake, a hand buzzer, a realistic cockroach, and machine that farts.

5. Tear resistant Toilet Roll  I Want This


Okay, please be nice. Ensure you have the real stuff close by. This realistic toilet roll is impossible to tear! Is this the perfect payback for the prankster in your life? The dirty little gag you have been looking forward to. Just imagine the frustration and hopelessness it can create.

4. Good-to-Bad Scented Candle  I Want This


Candles in general make great gifts and they are expected to give off nice aroma until exhausted. This prank candle smells great for the first few hours of burn time, then unexpectedly smells awful with some kind of vengeance.

3. $50,000 Lottery Scratch Off Ticket  I Want This


Amazingly Realistic Joke Scratchers! The good news is that, everybody wins $50,000. Sent in discreet packaging and not using a reference to what is inside. The ultimate April Fools prank to play on friends and family! Include one among other gifts. Ideal for all events. 

2. Positive Pregnancy Test     I Want This


You will always be pregnant according to this Positive Digital Pregnancy Tests Prank kit. It will turn positive and say “Pregnant” within the window after you wet them either with water or urine. The “Pregnant” screen will remain for about 6 months! Hunny, you are going to be a father. Hey honey, you’re going to be a father.

1. Nut Tin Prank With 3 Snakes  I Want This


Nut tin with 3 snakes? This may seem like any typical April Fools prank but wait until you actually get pranked with this. Holy S**! Well, this is not for the faint of hearts because you will definitely get an adrenaline rush. A very funny prank to play within your circle of relatives or friends.

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15+ Easter Gifts You Rarely See Anywhere


15+ Easter Gifts You Rarely See Anywhere

Make Their Easter One to Remember

Easter, a holiday celebrated worldwide in April of every year. Originally celebrated as the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as stated by the New Testament, Easter has taken on an entirely new modern adaption. While modern adaptions may not look like they have links to any current religions, you would be surprised to find out they still do!

The average person would not be able to tell you how society decided to go from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ to having a man in a bunny suit run around hiding eggs for children full of candy and treats. Every year children sit at their desks decorating their schools with cardboard paper eggs. While many believe that Easter is just a Christian holiday, it would surprise many to find out that the eggs and bunnies were celebrated as fertility symbols by the pagans. This makes sense to involve children then, when it comes to having them scatter in parks looking for eggs while parents get to sit back and relax.

Easter gift ideas for your loved ones

We have compiled a list of humorous easter gift items to give to those who have even a single funny bone in their bodies regardless of their denomination. For your friends or family on the spectrum of Christianity, why not make them laugh with a Jesus of Nazareth’s Mix N’ Match Magnetic Wardrobe Dress Up Doll Play Set? How about your Christian friends or family who have always mentioned wanting a Dancing with Jesus bobbling figurine for their car’s dashboard?

What about your friends or family who are non-denominational on Easter? They might enjoy a giant bunny bag lounger for relaxing around their house. What about their kids? While a giant fluffy bunny beanbag is great for children, so would a bread cutter that makes their bread in the shape of a monster?

Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons, an excuse to go shopping for clothes, or out at the park hiding eggs for your children, these easter gift items would make the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

1. Bunny Bean bag Lounger  I Want This

Bunny Bean Bag Lounger iwantthisandthat2


Adorable and stylish bunny lounger for both adults and kids alike. Lie comfortably while reading, watching TV or yapping away on your phone with this sculpture-like lounger. Not only will this lounger make a great Easter gift, it can also be used year round especially as a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

2. Plush Stuffed Chicken   I Want This



Soft, plush, huggable and super cute chicken. An adorable staple of any child’s bedroom. Nothing chases away a child’s blues more than a warm and squishy hug from Buffy the hen.

3. Egg Separator   I Want This



Do you have a friend or loved one in your life who has doctor’s orders to lower their cholesterol? Do you know someone who just doesn’t like the egg yolk? Well, a Bogeyman Egg Separator is the perfect Easter gift for those who don’t want to be reminded that they’re eating something that should have become a live animal. Simply crack the egg into the opening and pour the egg whites out for a perfect egg-white breakfast. This makes a perfect addition to any kitchen and for when a celebration is called for. Think of all the baking and dishes that have to be prepared. Hence, it will be a well appreciated birthday gift or even a wedding or Christmas gift. 

4. Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle   I Want This



Ever wonder how dinosaurs were born? It was from an egg, but I’m sure it wasn’t because it wasn’t from a hatching egg candle. Regardless, a T-Rex Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle is an adorable Easter gifts for your friends or loved ones. Enjoy the clean burning candle as it slowly reveals a cute little dinosaur on the inside. A perfect gift for the aromatherapy lovers of your life.

5. Chicken Handbag   I Want This



What came first, the chicken or the egg? What about a purse that is shaped like a chicken that you can fill with eggs? Time to give your loved one an icebreaker for any Easter event. A chicken handbag is the perfect Easter gift for your friend or family member to really cluck at parties.

6. Egg Drone Quadcopter   I Want This



Technology has sure come a long way since the very first Easter egg hunts. Do you have a friend or loved one who has expressed a wish in having a flying drone to fly around at Easter egg hunts to be able to watch kids fight each other over candy? Has anyone ever wished that could have an aerial view of Easter egg hunts so they could communicate with their child on the ground to optimize the egg hunting? Well, look no further than a folding transformable Egg Drone Quadcopter! Equipped with LED lights to help you fly in the right direction as well as a quick return button to bring it home after finishing its egg hunting mission, this is the perfect gift for those who want to embrace aerial photographic technology.

7. Egg Monster Bread Cutter   I Want This



Do you or your loved one’s children often complain about the crust on a piece of bread? Why not have a scary way of being able to cut off the unwanted crust, entertain children, and still not waste too much of the bread like other bread cutters? An egg monster bread cutter is the perfect gift for those looking to bring a smile to a child’s face for Easter while saving their parent precious crust-cutting time.

8. Zombie Chocolate Rabbit & Victim   I Want This



This hand made gourmet white chocolate is one to chat about around the Easter dining table. Aside the gruesome look, it actually taste good! That probably explains the zombie’s irresistible quest to attack its prey.

9. Bunny Stuffed Animal   I Want This



A high-end stuffed plush bunny, that is so comfortable and adored by both kids and adults alike. Comes in various sizes with the largest being 31 inches tall. That’s countless hours of soft hugs and memories for future years. 

10. Egg Dropping Mama Hen   I Want This



Watch this adorable interactive hen entertain your kids. Simply press a button and watch her lay eggs as she bobs up and down singing a parody of “Chicken Hits! It is both educational and engaging. Kids will fall in love with this Easter gift. 

11. Jesus Adhesive Bandages   I Want This



Scrapes, cuts, and bruises are expected from Easter egg hunting events. Imagine a park full of children pushing and shoving each other for eggs full of candy that their parents could easily buy for them at the store. Why not prepare your friend or loved one for the eventual wound with a tin full of Jesus Bandages! These bandages, with long-lasting adhesive, will make anyone think the Son of God himself is healing them!

12. 16-Color LED Ambient Egg Lamp   I Want This



A gorgeous multi-color LED decoration egg lamp that is waterproof, cordless and shockproof thereby creating a look that is out of this world. Functions as an ambient table lamp or table decor for parties or relaxing evenings at home.

13. What would Jesus wear?    I Want This



Do you know someone with an empty refrigerator devoid of magnets? Want to help them spice up their fridge with the Son of God? Want to also help them transform their fridge by having limitless options for dressing up the Son of God? The perfect gift for any religious or non-denominational person is to have a bowl of laughs. Make your friends or family’s fridge the centerpiece of their kitchen with a polo-wearing music-blasting Jesus.

14. Chicken leg stockings   I Want This



This cool stocking might not get you close enough to being a “chicken”, however, it would surely impress your friends. A great way to loosen up and have some fun. Match it up with the chicken handbag and that would make you a serious contender for the chicken lookalike contest.

15. Jesus Bobbling Figurine   I Want This



No Easter event is complete without a reminder of why they are there in the first place. Even for those who are non-denominational, they will appreciate a little humor on the table near all the Easter food. Dancing with Jesus Bobbling Figurine is the perfect gift for anyone looking to have the Son of God on his or her car dashboard or anywhere they would enjoy having this.

16. Egg of Thrones Cups   I Want This



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Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Items


St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is similar to Thanksgiving Day in the United States to an extent. Hence, spending time with family is essential. Exchanging gifts between family, friends and coworkers is more of less an expected gesture and less obligatory. So you might be wondering, “what should I get as a St. Patrick’s Day gift?” Certainly, you have some ideas with regards to color but have reservations on the choice of product. Remember that this is a fun-filled lighthearted moment. Here at, let’s take away that stress and offer you some great suggestions of gift ideas that will make your St. Patrick’s day special and memorable.

Copper tales jewelry   I Want This

Copper Tales jewelry gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2 

Make a statement with this uniquely designed CopperTales jewelry for men and women. Crafted from green cat eye glass cabochon, sterling silver, and copper wire. Comes with a premium eco-leather cord. A St. Patrick’s Day gift that will put you in your own class. 

Leprechaun gnomes nisses  I Want This 

Leprechaun Gnomes Nisses gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


These Nisse are crafted from wool felt, paper mache cone and faux fur. People often collect families of Gnomes and they make a great addition to home decor. The “Nisse” is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore. It is believed that the “Nisse” lives in houses and barns of the homestead and secretly acts as their guardian. If treated well, they protect the family from evil and misfortune. They are also short tempered, capable of playing tricks or hiding items. Most importantly, they make great gifts also. 

Shut up liver mug  I Want This   

Shut up liver mug gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


It is not uncommon to see those that indulge in excess at bars and festive gatherings on St. Patrick’s day. What a funny way to convince yourself that it’s all good when you can barely keep your balance. On the flip side, this would make a perfect sarcastic St. Patrick’s Day gift for that friend of yours who barely drinks, as if to say, “loosen up just this once.”

Raggedy Cloth doll  I Want This 

Raggedy Cloth doll gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


Raggedy cloth doll dressed in a St. Patrick’s day theme. Made from tea stained muslin with completely hand-stitched face details giving her a traditional red nose and matching wool hair. What an adorable buddy for your little one at home.


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Amazing Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy For

Amazing Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy For iwantthisandthat2 gift ideas for hard to buy gift ideas

Amazing Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy For

The holidays are rolling around again which means its time to make sure everyone is checked off your gift list. But if you’re someone who frequently buys gifts then you’ll probably run into the issue of people that you can’t figure out when it comes to gift-giving.

There will be the picky friends or the parents that have everything already and never give any hints to what they could possibly want. But there are options for even the most difficult person on your list.

Check out these ideas of gifts for people who are hard to buy for to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Hat, Gloves & Scarf Set

In most places, it’s cold and dark during this time of year. Everyone is trying to find the best way to bundle up. You can help them out by gifting outdoor wear that will solve their issues.

Hats, gloves and scarf sets are great gifts for people who are hard to buy for because they are practical and highly useful for anyone living in a colder region. And besides, you can never have too many especially these awesome hats, gloves and scarf on Amazon.

winter hat gloves Scarf unisex christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Robe & Slippers

Comfort is one of the best gifts for people who are hard to buy for. People especially like to be comfortable in their homes. A nice robe and slipper set will do just the job for them.

Make sure you get the right sizes and material for maximum relaxation. These robe and slippers  are sure to get your comfort level to the max!

winter robes slippers warmth unisex christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Quality Cookware

You don’t have to be a master chef to enjoy new cooking gadgets for your kitchen. Cookware is a universal gift that almost any adult would enjoy because, well, they typically need to feed themselves.

Cookware also has tons of unique options for everyone. You can buy anything from everyday pots and pans to the latest food chopper. These 12 Piece Agave Blue cookware have been a great hit. They also come in various colors.

cookwear pots pans sets nonstick christmas rachael ray gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Cosmetics Bag or Organizer

Here’s the perfect gift for the woman (or man) that loves keeping up with their appearance but doesn’t necessarily keep up with their cosmetic area. You can choose to buy them a travel bag or stationery organizer that doesn’t leave home.

Either way, they’ll be pleased to have a new home for all of their precious makeup and skincare products. Nothing beats a quality cosmetic bag with style and uniqueness. Check out this one on Amazon. 

Essential Oil Diffusers christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Massage Pads

Who doesn’t love a good massage after a long day of work or just in general? Massage pads are one of the best gifts for people who are hard to buy for because they come in handy when you least expect it.

There are various types, including vibrating pads that you can easily place and seat on your office chair or ones that go under your neck while you rest. Give the gift of stress relief to anyone you think might be difficult to buy for. They will surely appreciate it. The Massage Mattress pad is also another great hit!

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Heated Plush Blankets

Blankets are already a great item to give. However, when you add the element of heat to a super-soft plush throw, it becomes one of the perfect gifts for people who are hard to buy for.

People typically keep throw blankets around their house for those times when they want to cozy up in front of the tv or fireplace so it will definitely be useful. You can’t miss these highly comfy blankets.

heated plush throw blanket electric warmth unisex christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Toaster Oven

For some reason, toaster ovens are loved by most people. Possibly because of their convenience and versatility. They also make life easier for the people who are always in a rush to make breakfast.

You can now find good, old fashioned toaster ovens, as well as fancy ones with lots of different features for the techie person. Check out the latest Toaster Ovens this season or the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 below.

toaster oven fast cooking air fry christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Candles or Essential Oil Diffusers

Another way to give the gift of calming is through aromatherapy products. Candles and oil diffusers are a great way to help people add scented ambiance to their environments.

They come in hundreds of flavors and smells that do everything from easing anxiety and stress to energizing your mind. These Candles and Essential Oil Diffusers are also a great fit for any budget.

Essential Oil Diffusers christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Luggage Organizers

For the picky traveler in your life, you might want to stay away from choosing luggage for them. But they will definitely appreciate some luggage organizers.

These little handy items help them arrange and fit all of their belongings into their suitcases and carry-ons to create a smoother packing process. They are usually collapsible and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

luggage organizer packing cubes christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Wireless Headphones

In the age of technology, there aren’t many people who don’t use a cellphone for almost everything. But sometimes it’s difficult to run around do things while holding the device. And cords can get tangled and in the way.

Helping your loved ones go hands-free is one of the useful gifts for people who are hard to buy for. It makes multitasking in life more convenient and accessible for them. You will love this one.

wireless headphones bluetooth for watching tv christmas gift ideas for friends family coworkers iwantthisandthat2

Taco Holder

The dinner table is always guaranteed to get busy during any festive season. As friends and family gather, having an organized table is key. This versatile restaurant grade stainless steel Taco Holder is not only for tacos lovers. Not only does it serve hard and soft-shell Tacos, but also Hot Dogs, Burrito, Sandwiches and Fajitas in a classy fashion. It is rust-free, dishwasher and oven safe. Check it out


Cellphone Car Mount

Again, most people are using their phones a lot so anything that makes this more convenient is a win. Consider gifting a car mount for cellphones.

These are great for things like talking on speaker or using the GPS while driving. They keep the driver safe by eliminating the need to fumble around for their phone while on the road.

Magnetic phone car mount iwantthisandthat2

Gift Cards

When all else fails, there are gift cards. Gift cards are arguably the top gifts for people who are hard to buy for. They allow even the most difficult person to choose any item for themselves and can be purchased last minute.

The only thing you have to decide is whether you’d like to give a general card, such as Visa, or a store card like Macy’s. Gift cards are the closest way to give someone money without actually putting cash in their hand so it still feels thoughtful and personal. With a huge selection of merchandize to satisfy just about anyone on, an Amazon Gift Card will make a create choice. The best part is that, you can enjoy 2-day prime shipping!

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Looking For the Best Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy For?

Finding gifts for people who are hard to buy for can become discouraging. Use these item ideas to help point you in the right direction to make even the most difficult person smile during the holidays.

For more gift-giving ideas for the holidays, check out this article on our blog.

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9 Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers

Best Christmas Office Gift For Coworkers iwantthisandthat2-unique-gift-ideas_P

9 Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers

Picking out office gifts for coworkers is tricky. You have to find something that fits your colleague’s personality without going overboard on the price. It’s a difficult, but still possible quest, regardless of whether it’s for a birthday, promotion, anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion.

Check out our list below of some of the best office gifts for your coworkers. Whether you have the office tech guru as your Secret Santa or you’re trying to find something for your caffeine-loving deskmate, we’ve got gift suggestions for you.

1. Go Electronic for the Tech-Obsessed Coworker

If you’ve got a tech-obsessed coworker who always knows what’s what the newest gadgets and gizmos are, gift them with a tech treat you know they’ll love.

Think about all of the gadgets your tech-savvy friend gushes over and choose some cool accessories. Covers, chargers, headsets, and tech cleaners would all make great gifts.

Try a new portable phone charger for the coworker who is on his or her phone all day or an extra long charging cable. If your work pal is on the road a lot, these latest smartphone car mount or Bluetooth headset would be great gifts.

If your tech-savvy coworker is always looking at a screen, consider blue light glasses. They protect your eyes from blue light emitted from screens and reduce strain. They’re affordable and available for purchase without a prescription.

Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers iwantthisandthat2

2. Gift Home Tools for Your Weekend Project Friend

If your desk mate comes into the office on Mondays full of stories about recent projects around the house, small household tools make excellent gifts.

Your coworker who loves to make home repairs would appreciate a small toolbox to keep with him or her at all times. If your friend already has a toolbox, try a fancy new tool. Micro eyeglass screwdrivers are handy and a bottle opener keychain is perfect for the celebratory beer after a long day of work.

If you’re unsure of what your handyman (or woman) coworker would appreciate, browse the shelves at your local hardware store. Something is sure to catch your eye!

Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers iwantthisandthat2

3. Pick out Something for the Office Chef

The office chef is always cooking up something different based on a new Food Network recipe. He or she may have even brought some tasty treats into the office from time-to-time. Repay the favor by getting your coworker a fun new kitchen appliance or cookbook.

Pot clips are inexpensive resting plates for spoons and cooking utensils. You can find spiral vegetable cutters for under $15, so your friend can turn veggies into noodles. Or try a snap strainer, which drains pasta out of the pot without a colander.

If all else fails, gift your cooking coworker with handy household ingredients. Spices, herbs, and olive oil won’t ever go to waste in the kitchen. Plus, it may inspire your coworker to cook you a delicious new dish.

4. Go Green for the Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

Do you have the office nature-lover for Secret Santa this year? If so, there are plenty of affordable trinkets you can gift him or her.

Find a dependable stainless steel water bottle your friend can take on a long hike. Or gift them a pocket picnic blanket, which is waterproof and great for picnics in any climate.

If your office’s outdoor lover is always-on-the-go, make them an outdoor survival kit. Add in little bottles of sunscreen, bug spray, alcohol wipes, bandaids, and anything else you can think of to help them in a pinch during their next camping adventure.

Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers iwantthisandthat2

5. Create a Coffee-Lovers Dream

The American workplace always has a coffee-lover in its midst. If you know your coworker is a hot beverage enthusiast, then give him or her the gift of caffeine.

A cute coffee mug (or one with his or her name on it) or some new K-cups are always a good gift for a caffeine enthusiast. If you want to get a gift that’s the next level up, you can try giving your coworker The Coffee Cookie. This awesome portable gadget keeps coffee hot on-the-go and is a coffee-addicts dream. Your Starbucks-obsessed coworker will be thrilled!

Tips For Choosing the Best Office Gift For Coworkers iwantthisandthat2

6. Choose Something Shareable for the Coworker You Don’t Know Well

A gift for the quiet coworker across the office can be tricky because you don’t know their personality so well. In this case, you should give them a gift that can be shared among multiple coworkers.

Try a basket of baked goods he or she can pass out, a community phone charger, or commonly needed office supplies. On the off chance, your coworker doesn’t find the gifts useful, at least someone else will!

7. Give Something Useful to the Newbie

If you’re moving up the ranks at the office and someone new has taken over your old job, gift them something useful for their daily tasks. Think of things you used while in that position and gift them to the newbie as a welcoming present.

Is there a handy stapler you relied on when you were in that position? Was there a book you read that helped you better understand the business process for that role? Is there a software program you loved using that isn’t company-mandated?

These would all be excellent office gifts for a newcomer taking over your old position. Not only will it help a new coworker succeed, but these types of gifts are great ice breaks and can help you make a new office friend.

8. Think About What They Complain About

Every office has a complainer, right? Jot down everything that one person complains about and find a way to give it to them.

Are they the person who always gets stuck refilling the printer with paper? Is this coworker the one who complains about running out of thumbtacks, staples, or who can never find a pen? That becomes the perfect office gift for your complaining coworker!

9. When in Doubt, Turn to Old Reliable

If you don’t have a clue about what to gift your coworker, stick with an old reliable option. These include:

These are great gifts for anyone and everyone. They’re simple and something your coworker will put to good use!

Find the Best Office Gifts for Coworkers

Picking out the best office gifts for coworkers can be tricky, but not impossible. Whether it’s for the office’s caffeine addict or nature-lover, the right gift is out there.

Discover one-of-a-kind-gifts for coworkers and everyone else special in your life by following our blog. We’ve got the creative ideas you’re looking for. From moms to teachers, check out our blog for gift ideas for everyone.