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How to Choose That Perfect Gift for Dad

How to Choose Perfect Gifts for Dad gift ideas iwantthisandthat2

How to Choose That Perfect Gift for Dad

Having trouble finding the right gift for your dad? Want it to be special? Check out our guide on how to choose perfect gifts for dad.

The average person will spend $133 on dad for Father’s Day. But dad can be one of the hardest people in your life to shop for.

The man raised you and helped you become the person you are today. He deserves better than a World’s Greatest Dad mug (although that’s a pretty accurate mug.)

So what can you do to find the best gift for your dad? Check out the list below. We give you some ideas for the perfect gifts for dad, and we give you a few examples of each.

Consider His Hobbies

Does your dad love to cook? Is he a fisherman? A woodworker? Is he super into sports or golf or ballet? Hey, we don’t judge.

When you’re looking for a new gift for your dad, think about what he likes to do with his buddies in his free time. Gifts related to his hobbies are the perfect gifts. It shows you know your dad, and you support his interests.

Check out a few of our ideas.

Check Out Our Apron Cooking Guide  Check It Out

This is a cooking guide printed onto an apron. Cooking times, recipes, and grilling tips decorate this 100% cotton apron. The script takes on an old fashioned newspaper decor.

Help your dad keep grease off his phone and out of his cookbook with this stylish, practical apron.

apron cooking guide gift ideas for cooking, bbq from


Every Dad Needs a Hands-Free Meal Tray  Check It Out 

So it’s grill time, and the grill master needs to eat too! But he can’t leave the grill unattended, and he can’t leave his own food unattended. That’s begging for the dog to snatch it.

The solution? A hands-free meal tray. This tray attaches to your dad’s belt loops so he can keep his burger and beer in arms reach while he tends to the grill.

Hands Free Serving Tray tailgate family events outdoors party iwantthisandthat2


An All-Terrain Motorized Cooler   Check It Out

A beer cooler that doubles as a mode of transportation. Need we say more?

Is your dad more of an outdoorsy guy? Check out our outdoors must-haves here.



Look Out for Your Dad’s Health

If you’re old enough for your father’s day gift to be an actual gift and not homemade, your dad is likely getting old. In fact, the average male life expectancy is only 78 years. But you can help your dad stretch those years by getting him a gift to support his health.

Posture Correcting Exercise Ball   Check It Out

Back pain gets worse as you get older. Get your dad relief at his desk job by getting him an exercise ball to correct his posture instead of a desk chair. This ball inflates to match a man height and desk height.

Posture Correcting Exercise Ball iwantthisandthat2 gift


Star Wars Kettle Bells   Check It Out

Is your dad a Star Wars fan? Help him expand his home gym or man cave with these kettlebells that reflect his personality too.

Workout Kettlebells fitness star wars gift iwantthisandthat2.


Lower Back Support Posture Belt   Check It Out

Is your dad on his feet all day? Get him a belt that will support his lower back, improve his posture, and relieve back pain. This belt is perfect for day to day wear, and it’s something your dad will enjoy every day.



Get Them Something Practical

So if you can’t get your dad something related to his hobbies, and he’s already in great health then what? Get him something he can use every day.

Car Seat Gap Filler   Check It Out

Is your dad always dropping things between the cracks on his seat? Get him this gap filler.

No longer will your dad go searching the gaps for his lost phone. And you can keep crumbs from building up under the seats.



Back Hair Removal and Shaver   Check It Out 

Is your dad so hairy you can mistake him for Bigfoot? Get him the Back Hair Removal and shaver. This will help your dad get those hard to reach places when he wants a deep, full-body shave.



Compact Key Organizer   Check It Out

Does your dad have so many keys he might as well be a janitor? Keep his key ring organized and compact with this key organizer. It can carry up to 14 keys to keep your dad’s pockets from bulging and jingling.

key organizer keychain iwantthisandthat2


Get Them Something Unique

If all else fails, get him something unique, that no other dad will ever have. Does it have to be practical? Not necessarily. Does it have to make sense? Absolutely not. Does it have to be funny? Only in the way that dad jokes are funny.

Here are a few ideas.

Super Massive Ultra Realistic Bacon Scarf   Check It Out


This bacon scarf is almost big enough to be a blanket. It has ultra-realistic bacon detail. If your dad loves bacon, this is a must-have accessory that belongs in every man’s closet.

Giant Poker Playing Cards   Check It Out 

This is especially helpful if your dad is losing his eyesight. Otherwise, it’s just funny and a bit impractical, but we love it anyway. These cards are as big as your face. They’re ultra-durable and designed for years of playing.



200 lbs of Watermelon   Check It Out

Who needs 200 lbs in a single watermelon? The better question is, who doesn’t? If nothing else, your dad will laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this Father’s Day gift.

200 lbs pounds Watermelon


The Perfect Gifts for Dad Do Exist

It’s not easy to find the perfect gifts for dad. But it is possible. Keep their hobbies in mind. Find something to support their health. Get them something they’ll use every day.

And when all else fails, get them something unique and quirky. Use this list as a launching point, and your dad will have the best father’s day ever.

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