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  • Beer Soap

    Drink your beer and actually smell great doing so! Handcrafted with all-natural, quality ingredients including real beer and real hops. An ideal gift for anyone that loves beer. The scent can be described as spicy, herbal and grassy. It lathers super well and instantly leaves you with a surprisingly fresh feeling. Do not be tempted in eating it by the way.

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  • Slime Reusable Keyboard Cleaner

    With a piece of cleaning gel, press slightly on hard to reach places. After, watch as all the dirt and gross stuff is pulled out. Use the slime reusable cleaner in cars, on keyboards and just about anywhere that is difficult to clean. The best part is that, this keyboard cleaning gel could be used several times till the color turn to dark.

  • Cash in Ziplock Pillowcase

    ?If you are not a millionaire, you could at least exhibit your wannabe status with this realistic cash in zip lock pillowcase. It does not hurt to fantasize and set your eyes on your million or billion dollar goal by getting some motivation. Looks like a sack of banded, manicured bills right on your bed. Just imagine all the sweet dreams.

Showing all 3 results