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  • Coffin Skeleton Candle

    Surprise your friends and family to death. A creepy yet funny skeleton emerges as the candle melts sending shivers down the spines of others. A great decor and conversation piece during halloween.

  • Anatomy Swimsuit Bikini

    With detail this real, you might as well skip biology class and stay at home. An impressive Anatomy Swimsuit Bikini. Real models needed though. Carefully designed to project veins, muscle tissue and organs.


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  • Smiley Dog Muzzle

    Tame your humanoid-canine hybrid creature in style with the Smiley Dog Muzzle that is suitable for all breeds. Prevents dog barking, biting or chewing while being able to breath freely. Hilariously practical! Designer muzzle made of non-toxic plastic, completely harmless to the dog. Lightweight and durable.


  • Hugging Tree Frog Ear Cuff

    All hugs are not the same and certainly not the one from the Hugging Tree Frog Ear Cuff. Frogs is a lucky symbol in many cultures around the world. Stay calm, no giggles. A frog, a lucky symbol may be waiting to hug you.

  • Cut Along The Dotted Line Necklace

    Get your daring demeanor out with the Cut Along Dotted Line Necklace. Though a cut not taken literally, it is also not meant to bring back childhood crafting nostalgia. Make a clear statement about your mean punk rock inner self. A must have girlie halloween accessory.

Showing all 5 results