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  • Smiley Dog Muzzle

    Tame your humanoid-canine hybrid creature in style with the Smiley Dog Muzzle that is suitable for all breeds. Prevents dog barking, biting or chewing while being able to breath freely. Hilariously practical! Designer muzzle made of non-toxic plastic, completely harmless to the dog. Lightweight and durable.


  • Dog Workout Parachute

    Dogs love outdoors. Why not tap into what Dogs already love by making them healthy with the dog fitness parachute.  This resistance-training parachute reinforces overall health, power, stamina and weight loss. It is therefore a dog weigh loss tool that will reap results in any dog fitness regimen.

  • Dog Life Vest With Fin

    Share the water-full experience of swimming with your canine friends! This is a fun and functional swim jacket specially designed for dogs who wish to swim. Now your dog can swim and rule the pool in style with this adorable swim vest with fin! Full-body dog life jacket flotation device supports your pet in and around the water, for maximum swimming enjoyment.

  • Stuffed Heart-Eyed Puppy

    A cuddly and huggable plushy loved by collectors and kids alike. Pose-ready, Harry Hugglesmore will make the easiest companion. Delicately stuffed for softness, this puppy is adorable. Made with the finest ultra soft plush materials and premium stuffing. Perfect for cuddling!

Showing all 4 results