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Adorable St. Patrick’s Day Items


St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is similar to Thanksgiving Day in the United States to an extent. Hence, spending time with family is essential. Exchanging gifts between family, friends and coworkers is more of less an expected gesture and less obligatory. So you might be wondering, “what should I get as a St. Patrick’s Day gift?” Certainly, you have some ideas with regards to color but have reservations on the choice of product. Remember that this is a fun-filled lighthearted moment. Here at, let’s take away that stress and offer you some great suggestions of gift ideas that will make your St. Patrick’s day special and memorable.

Copper tales jewelry   I Want This

Copper Tales jewelry gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2 

Make a statement with this uniquely designed CopperTales jewelry for men and women. Crafted from green cat eye glass cabochon, sterling silver, and copper wire. Comes with a premium eco-leather cord. A St. Patrick’s Day gift that will put you in your own class. 

Leprechaun gnomes nisses  I Want This 

Leprechaun Gnomes Nisses gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


These Nisse are crafted from wool felt, paper mache cone and faux fur. People often collect families of Gnomes and they make a great addition to home decor. The “Nisse” is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore. It is believed that the “Nisse” lives in houses and barns of the homestead and secretly acts as their guardian. If treated well, they protect the family from evil and misfortune. They are also short tempered, capable of playing tricks or hiding items. Most importantly, they make great gifts also. 

Shut up liver mug  I Want This   

Shut up liver mug gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


It is not uncommon to see those that indulge in excess at bars and festive gatherings on St. Patrick’s day. What a funny way to convince yourself that it’s all good when you can barely keep your balance. On the flip side, this would make a perfect sarcastic St. Patrick’s Day gift for that friend of yours who barely drinks, as if to say, “loosen up just this once.”

Raggedy Cloth doll  I Want This 

Raggedy Cloth doll gift ideas st. patricks day iwantthisandthat2


Raggedy cloth doll dressed in a St. Patrick’s day theme. Made from tea stained muslin with completely hand-stitched face details giving her a traditional red nose and matching wool hair. What an adorable buddy for your little one at home.


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