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15+ Easter Gifts You Rarely See Anywhere


15+ Easter Gifts You Rarely See Anywhere

Make Their Easter One to Remember

Easter, a holiday celebrated worldwide in April of every year. Originally celebrated as the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as stated by the New Testament, Easter has taken on an entirely new modern adaption. While modern adaptions may not look like they have links to any current religions, you would be surprised to find out they still do!

The average person would not be able to tell you how society decided to go from celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ to having a man in a bunny suit run around hiding eggs for children full of candy and treats. Every year children sit at their desks decorating their schools with cardboard paper eggs. While many believe that Easter is just a Christian holiday, it would surprise many to find out that the eggs and bunnies were celebrated as fertility symbols by the pagans. This makes sense to involve children then, when it comes to having them scatter in parks looking for eggs while parents get to sit back and relax.

Easter gift ideas for your loved ones

We have compiled a list of humorous easter gift items to give to those who have even a single funny bone in their bodies regardless of their denomination. For your friends or family on the spectrum of Christianity, why not make them laugh with a Jesus of Nazareth’s Mix N’ Match Magnetic Wardrobe Dress Up Doll Play Set? How about your Christian friends or family who have always mentioned wanting a Dancing with Jesus bobbling figurine for their car’s dashboard?

What about your friends or family who are non-denominational on Easter? They might enjoy a giant bunny bag lounger for relaxing around their house. What about their kids? While a giant fluffy bunny beanbag is great for children, so would a bread cutter that makes their bread in the shape of a monster?

Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons, an excuse to go shopping for clothes, or out at the park hiding eggs for your children, these easter gift items would make the perfect gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

1. Bunny Bean bag Lounger  I Want This

Bunny Bean Bag Lounger iwantthisandthat2


Adorable and stylish bunny lounger for both adults and kids alike. Lie comfortably while reading, watching TV or yapping away on your phone with this sculpture-like lounger. Not only will this lounger make a great Easter gift, it can also be used year round especially as a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

2. Plush Stuffed Chicken   I Want This



Soft, plush, huggable and super cute chicken. An adorable staple of any child’s bedroom. Nothing chases away a child’s blues more than a warm and squishy hug from Buffy the hen.

3. Egg Separator   I Want This



Do you have a friend or loved one in your life who has doctor’s orders to lower their cholesterol? Do you know someone who just doesn’t like the egg yolk? Well, a Bogeyman Egg Separator is the perfect Easter gift for those who don’t want to be reminded that they’re eating something that should have become a live animal. Simply crack the egg into the opening and pour the egg whites out for a perfect egg-white breakfast. This makes a perfect addition to any kitchen and for when a celebration is called for. Think of all the baking and dishes that have to be prepared. Hence, it will be a well appreciated birthday gift or even a wedding or Christmas gift. 

4. Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle   I Want This



Ever wonder how dinosaurs were born? It was from an egg, but I’m sure it wasn’t because it wasn’t from a hatching egg candle. Regardless, a T-Rex Dinosaur Hatching Egg Candle is an adorable Easter gifts for your friends or loved ones. Enjoy the clean burning candle as it slowly reveals a cute little dinosaur on the inside. A perfect gift for the aromatherapy lovers of your life.

5. Chicken Handbag   I Want This



What came first, the chicken or the egg? What about a purse that is shaped like a chicken that you can fill with eggs? Time to give your loved one an icebreaker for any Easter event. A chicken handbag is the perfect Easter gift for your friend or family member to really cluck at parties.

6. Egg Drone Quadcopter   I Want This



Technology has sure come a long way since the very first Easter egg hunts. Do you have a friend or loved one who has expressed a wish in having a flying drone to fly around at Easter egg hunts to be able to watch kids fight each other over candy? Has anyone ever wished that could have an aerial view of Easter egg hunts so they could communicate with their child on the ground to optimize the egg hunting? Well, look no further than a folding transformable Egg Drone Quadcopter! Equipped with LED lights to help you fly in the right direction as well as a quick return button to bring it home after finishing its egg hunting mission, this is the perfect gift for those who want to embrace aerial photographic technology.

7. Egg Monster Bread Cutter   I Want This



Do you or your loved one’s children often complain about the crust on a piece of bread? Why not have a scary way of being able to cut off the unwanted crust, entertain children, and still not waste too much of the bread like other bread cutters? An egg monster bread cutter is the perfect gift for those looking to bring a smile to a child’s face for Easter while saving their parent precious crust-cutting time.

8. Zombie Chocolate Rabbit & Victim   I Want This



This hand made gourmet white chocolate is one to chat about around the Easter dining table. Aside the gruesome look, it actually taste good! That probably explains the zombie’s irresistible quest to attack its prey.

9. Bunny Stuffed Animal   I Want This



A high-end stuffed plush bunny, that is so comfortable and adored by both kids and adults alike. Comes in various sizes with the largest being 31 inches tall. That’s countless hours of soft hugs and memories for future years. 

10. Egg Dropping Mama Hen   I Want This



Watch this adorable interactive hen entertain your kids. Simply press a button and watch her lay eggs as she bobs up and down singing a parody of “Chicken Hits! It is both educational and engaging. Kids will fall in love with this Easter gift. 

11. Jesus Adhesive Bandages   I Want This



Scrapes, cuts, and bruises are expected from Easter egg hunting events. Imagine a park full of children pushing and shoving each other for eggs full of candy that their parents could easily buy for them at the store. Why not prepare your friend or loved one for the eventual wound with a tin full of Jesus Bandages! These bandages, with long-lasting adhesive, will make anyone think the Son of God himself is healing them!

12. 16-Color LED Ambient Egg Lamp   I Want This



A gorgeous multi-color LED decoration egg lamp that is waterproof, cordless and shockproof thereby creating a look that is out of this world. Functions as an ambient table lamp or table decor for parties or relaxing evenings at home.

13. What would Jesus wear?    I Want This



Do you know someone with an empty refrigerator devoid of magnets? Want to help them spice up their fridge with the Son of God? Want to also help them transform their fridge by having limitless options for dressing up the Son of God? The perfect gift for any religious or non-denominational person is to have a bowl of laughs. Make your friends or family’s fridge the centerpiece of their kitchen with a polo-wearing music-blasting Jesus.

14. Chicken leg stockings   I Want This



This cool stocking might not get you close enough to being a “chicken”, however, it would surely impress your friends. A great way to loosen up and have some fun. Match it up with the chicken handbag and that would make you a serious contender for the chicken lookalike contest.

15. Jesus Bobbling Figurine   I Want This



No Easter event is complete without a reminder of why they are there in the first place. Even for those who are non-denominational, they will appreciate a little humor on the table near all the Easter food. Dancing with Jesus Bobbling Figurine is the perfect gift for anyone looking to have the Son of God on his or her car dashboard or anywhere they would enjoy having this.

16. Egg of Thrones Cups   I Want This



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