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10 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Items You Must Have


10 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Items You Must Have

Cinco de Mayo celebrations

Cinco De Mayo only comes but once a year, and while some don’t need a special day to drink and go crazy with Mexican food and Margaritas, others are glad to have a holiday to justify these actions.

Celebrated not just in the United States or Mexico, but also across the world, Cinco de Mayo brings together all those who wish to enjoy a holiday celebrating Mexican heritage that is often mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, which is in September.

While some choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexican restaurants or big lavishly colorful parades, others choose to attend or throw their own parties. These Cinco de Mayo parties can range from a wild celebration filled with margaritas to a quieter get-together but still filled with margaritas. Cinco de Mayo parties can be thrown with as big or as small of a budget as needed to make people happy until next year’s celebration. One wouldn’t need a lot of money to keep their Cinco de Mayo guests entertained throughout the night. Even just an intimate setting of a few friends, some cheap food, and cheap drinks would be enough to satisfy the average partygoer. However, what if you normally throw average Cinco de Mayo parties and want to make a bang this year with your guests?

Cinco de Mayo gift ideas

Preparing for a Cinco de Mayo party can be stressful, as you would not only need to entertain your guests, but also kept them fed and properly intoxicated (if they are of legal age of course). You would also need to make your party the hit, as you would not be the only one thinking of throwing a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Why keep it simple with just one boring course of tacos when you can serve your guest’s meat seared with their names on it? From a life-sized Mariachi Guitarron cardboard cutout to a wall-mounted corgi bottle butt opener these items compiled just for you should help you throw a Cinco De Mayo party that will be talked about for years, or at least until next year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

10. Triple Threat Hot Sauce   I Want This


Cinco de Mayo brings together people with many different taste palates. What better way to spice things up than offering not just one, but three different flavors of hot sauce that is sure to satisfy everyone’s different spice tolerance. Marine Green, made with green cayenne peppers, is perfect for those who want flavor with a little kick. Dead Red, made with Louisiana-grown red cayenne peppers, is great for those partygoers looking for a spice punch for their tongues. Shock and Awe, made with Louisiana-grown orange habaneros, are not for the faint of heart or weak of tongue. This set of hot sauces will surely have your guests reaching for the cold beverages you’ve provided for your Cinco de Mayo party.

9. Human Burrito Blanket   I Want This

Human Burritos Tortilla Blanket iwantthisandthat2

What better way to get your guests both comfortable at your party and in the mood for the many different flour tortilla dishes you’ve prepared for the Cinco de Mayo party than a human burrito blanket. While it does not come in corn or tomato, this soft and plush burrito blanket will surely bring extra laughs to any Cinco de Mayo event.

8. Ultimate Taco Lovers Utensil   I Want This


Cinco de Mayo doesn’t come without a bounty of different Mexican dishes. One of the staple dishes served during this holiday is the taco. Tacos are easy to make and delicious to eat, but often fall victim to being served on plates where they lay on their side, leaving their ingredients to spill everywhere. Why not keep the taco and all their delicious ingredients upright in an oven and dishwasher-safe stainless-steel taco holder? Your tacos will appreciate you as much as your party guests. You may want to take a peek at the 5 best taco holders here. 

7. Tortilla Chip Backpack   I Want This


What better way to fool inebriated guests at your Cinco de Mayo than walking around with a laptop travel bag that looks like it is full of tortilla chips? Lightweight and durable, this multipurpose bag would serve as a great conversation starter, not just at your Cinco de Mayo party, but at school or on a plane as well. Although, nothing stops you from filling this with actual tortilla chips.

6. Dog Butt Bottle Opener   I Want This


Is there any better conversation-starter than a bottle opener in the shape of a dog’s butt? Imagine the reaction of your guests at your Cinco de Mayo party asking you to open their drink, and you point them towards a wall where this hangable corgi dog butt bottle opener is perched. Let’s just hope that if there is a corgi at your Cinco de Mayo party, that your guests aren’t too intoxicated to make a mistake. This sturdy bottle opener will surely be a hilarious addition to any party with or without an actual corgi present.

5. Stand-In Life Size Cutout   I Want This


No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without a life-sized cardboard cutout of a Mariachi Guitarron. Never heard that before? Maybe you haven’t been to a good Cinco de Mayo party then. Watch all night as your guests take turns taking photos with your life-sized Mariachi Guitarron cutout. Be the talk of the office and among your family for years with the hilarious photo opportunities at your Cinco de Mayo party.

4. Meat Branding Iron   I Want This


What is more out of the ordinary than seeing personalized messages burned into their meat? Personalize your meat branding iron with any message you want and hope your Cinco de Mayo guests can remember it after the next day’s hangover. This meat branding iron will surely bring about a few laughs for those who like to hang around the cook during parties.

3. The Presidential Wall Game   I Want This


The Presidential Wall Game is certain to bring about laughs at your Cinco de Mayo party, no matter the political affiliation of your guests. Like the wildly popular and well-known Hasbro game, Jenga, the goal is to remove blocks without causing a collapse. The twist, of course, is that you must not let the President fall. This novelty toy will surely be a hit amongst your Cinco de Mayo partygoers no matter what they think of the man on top.

2. Lime & Salt Rimmer Margarita Set   I Want This



1. Skull Jigger-Stopper-Shot Glass   I Want This




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